Update Local OneDrive for Business Folder When Tenant Name Has Changed

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Your company Contoso has merged with TechOne and the organization name is changing to Contoso-One. You want the change to be reflected on the local OneDrive sync folder in Windows Explorer from Contoso to Contoso-One.


Folder in Explorer.png



First Unlink your OneDrive account by Right clicking on the OneDrive cloud icon  in the system tray, and choose Settings:




NOTE:  If you unlink OneDrive and have SharePoint sites synced, you will need to resync them.



Select the Account tab:





Choose ‘Unlink this PC’:    


Unlink this PC.png



You will receive a dialog to confirm the Unlink:


Confirm Unlink.png



Once you have unlinked your OneDrive account, go to the O365 Portal as a global administrator:


  1. Go to the https://admin.microsoft.com 
  2. Select your organization's name in the top right corner of the page.

Org Name.png



3.  Choose Edit beside your organization's name.


Edit org name.png


  1. Update your organization's information and choose Save.


Once the organization name has been updated (usually takes a few minutes to show in the Admin Center), resync your OneDrive by going to OneDrive in the browser and choose the Sync button:





Choose Allow:





Select the default sync settings after entering your credentials.



Once the sync is complete, check Windows Explorer and you will see the updated folder:


Updated Explorer.png


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