Tuesdays with Corey: Sneak Peek at a new Windows Virtual Desktop Win32 Client

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In the last episode of Tuesdays with Corey, We showed you what it was like to use the portal to provision and manage their virtualized desktop. In this episode - we're focusing on the client experience.  Corey Sanders, Corporate VP of Microsoft Solutions sits down with Scott Manchester, Principal Group PM on the Silicon, Graphics and Media team to talk about what new things are available in the current preview of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) being offered in Azure.


Scott has brought along a Surface go to demonstrate the new signed Win32 app which allows you to install and use it - even when the device is in Windows S mode. Scott shows off what kind of performance you can get from an 8 GB of memory Surface Go using an LTE network, connecting to a 16 core NVidia GPU powerhouse VM in Azure.



Sign up for the preview today - https://aka.ms/WDS


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Create a Free Account (Azure): https://aka.ms/c9-azurefree

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