Small Basic 11th Anniversary

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Happy Birthday Small Basic! 


Today is the 11th Small Basic anniversary.  Following screen shot is about my Small Basic program SFF730-6.




And today, I'd like to look into Small Basic web history.


The first web was published in 2008 as Microsoft DevLabs which was a kind of showcase to publish new product prototypes.


Small Basic Web 0.1.pngSmall Basic Web v0.1


The second one was in 2009 that shows Small Basic v0.7 was released.  That was just one year anniversary.


Small Basic Web v0.7.pngSmall Basic Web v0.7


Following screen shot shows Small Basic v0.8 in 2010.  From this version, programs has been supported to run with browser and Silverlight.


Small Basic Web 0.8.pngSmall Basic Web v0.8


Following screen shot is for around Small Basic v0.9 in late 2010.  This site has become independent from DevLabs.


Small Basic Web 1.0.pngSmall Basic Web v1.0


Web site v2.0 was officially announced in Small Basic blog in 2018.  New logo and turtle mascot debuted.


Small Basic Web v2.0.pngSmall Basic Web v2.0


Web site v2.1 was also announced in 2018.  Small Basic Online v0.91 had become available.


Small Basic Web v2.1.pngSmall Basic Web v2.1


And following screen shot shows current web site.  Now Small Basic Online v1.0 (open source) is available.


Small Basic Web 2019.pngCurrent Web


Small Basic history continues.  Have fun with growing Small Basic!


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