New release: SharePointDsc v3.7 is out!

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With the release of SharePointDsc v3.7, we implemented many bugfixes to fixed issues that were reported over the past months.


In the background we are working on a few major improvements, which will come in the next major release: v4.0. This release will include support for SQL authentication, allowing SharePointDsc to install SharePoint on Azure SQL Managed Instances, native ReverseDsc support and implementation of a few breaking changes.


NOTE: We can always use additional help in making SharePointDsc even better. So if you are interested in contributing to SharePointDsc, please leave a comment on this post.


This release is part of the DSC Resource Kit which was released on October 30th 2019.
Improvement/Fixes in v3.7:

  • SPConfigWizard
    • Fixed issue with incorrect check for upgrade status of server
  • SPDistributedCacheService
    • Improved error message for inclusion of server name into ServerProvisionOrder parameters when Present or change to Ensure Absent
  • SPFarm
    • Removed SingleServer as ServerRole, since this is an invalid role.
    • Handle case where null or empty CentralAdministrationUrl is passed in
    • Move CentralAdministrationPort validation into parameter definition to work with ReverseDsc
    • Add NotNullOrEmpty parameter validation to CentralAdministrationUrl
    • Fixed error when changing developer dashboard display level.
    • Add support for updating Central Admin Authentication Method
  • SPFarmSolution
    • Fix for Web Application scoped solutions.
  • SPInstall
    • Fixes a terminating error for sources in weird file shares
    • Corrected issue with incorrectly detecting SharePoint after it has been uninstalled
    • Corrected issue with detecting a paused installation
  • SPInstallLanguagePack
    • Fixes a terminating error for sources in weird file shares
  • SPInstallPrereqs
    • Fixes a terminating error for sources in weird file shares
  • SPProductUpdate
    • Fixes a terminating error for sources in weird file shares
    • Corrected incorrect farm detection, added in earlier bugfix
  • SPSite
    • Fixed issue with incorrectly updating site OwnerAlias and SecondaryOwnerAlias
  • SPWebAppAuthentication
    • Fixes issue where Test method return false on NON-US OS.

A huge thanks to the following guys for contributing to this project:
Jean-Cyril Drouhin, Nik Charlebois, Dennis Gaida, Rob Christie, Jens Otto Hatlevold and Russel Anderson 
Also a huge thanks to everybody who submitted issues and all that support this project. It wasn’t possible without all of your help!
For more information about how to install SharePointDsc, check our
Let us know in the comments what you think of this release! If you find any issues, please submit them in the issue list on GitHub.

Happy SharePointing!!

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