SharePoint Foundations 2013 Offline Part 1 ( Download all Prerequisite software )

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First published on MSDN on Oct 02, 2015
The following steps can be used to install and Configure SharePoint Foundations 2013 in Offline mode. (Server 2012 / R2 ), In this first part of the "SharePoint Foundations 2013 Offline" Series we will be walking through how to locate all files necessary to install SharePoint Foundations offline as well as prepare the server for the installation of the SharePoint Foundations Prerequisite Software.

  1. It may be helpful to Create a Folder on your Desktop Called SPF2013

    • Create Sub Folders

      • .NET Framework 4.5

      • WMF 3.0

      • SQL 2008 Native

      • Sync Framework

      • Identity Extensions

      • Information Protection

      • Data Services 5.0

      • Data Services 5.6

      • Server App Fabric CU

  2. Downloaded all SharePoint Foundations Pre Requites software, into the correlating sub folders that you previously created.

  3. Download SharePoint Foundations SP1

  4. Move all downloaded files to a share or to the server you wish to install SPF 2013 SP1 onto

    • NOTE: Not all software will need to be installed depending on the software and updates that have previously been installed.

  5. Verify that all Enterprise controlled updates have been pushed to the server.

    • Considering this post is for offline installation of SPF 2013 it is my assumption that the server has no internet (External) connection and all updates all controlled by a server team which uses deployment software such as SCCM to push out Controlled Server Updates.

  6. Log into the Server you wish to install SharePoint Foundations onto and open up Server Manager

  7. Click on Next

  8. Leave Default Setting "Role-based or feature-based  Installation

  9. Click on Next

  10. Click on Next

  11. If Application Server is not Check, Click to Select Application Server , than scroll down until you Locate Web Server (IIS)

  12. If Web Server (IIS) is not Selected, Click on Web Server (IIS) to select it. After you Select it a window will pop up to verify that you wish to include management tools

  13. Click on Add Feature

  14. After you have added or verified that Application Server and Web Server (IIS) has been installed or selected to be installed

  15. Click on Next

  16. The Next window is the Select features Window

  17. If .Net Framework 3.5 Features has not previously been installed Select it now

  18. Scroll Down until you locate Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 , if it has not been previously installed select it now

  19. After you have added or verified that .Net Framework 3.5 Features and Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 has been installed or selected to be installed.

  20. Click on Next

  21. Informational only

  22. Click on Next

  23. Informational Only

  24. At this point a may be easier to copy the SPF2013 Folder and all of its contents to the root of C of the server that you wish to install SharePoint Foundations 2013 on.

  25. Unpack Sharepoint.exe file to extract the prerequisiteinstaller.exe file

  26. Continue to SharePoint Foundations 2013 Offline Part 2 (Install Prerequisites )

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