New Reporting Framework Coming to Intune

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By Laura Arrizza | Intune PM


We recently posted MC194860 to all Intune customers. In case you missed that message center post, you can read the text of that message below. We also announced the new reporting framework here and gave Ignite attendees a peak at the first set of device compliance reports.


As our message center post shares, we’d planned to reveal the first set of device compliance reports today. However, the schedule for our 1911 service release has shifted, so the new set of device compliance reports are not yet available. Once they are live, we’ll share screen shots and additional information. We look forward to your feedback on the new reports!


Here's the message center post with a few annotations added in. You can always follow @IntuneSuppTeam and @ConfigMgrDogs on Twitter for up-to-date reporting release information. 


MC194860: New Reporting Framework Coming to Intune

Starting in the November service release, you’ll begin seeing a new reporting framework in Microsoft Intune. Based on customer feedback, we are making improvements to the types of reports in Intune, the performance and data consistency, and report functionality to search, sort, filter, and export to create focused view. The first series of reports are for device compliance.


How does this affect me?

As new reports release, you’ll see them in console. For some reports, you’ll see a Preview tag. Know that preview reporting is completely supported by our customer support organization and any customizations you make will be saved as we move from preview -> general availability of the new reports. Unfortunately, due to fundamental changes made to the reporting framework, we cannot keep the preview and existing report side-by-side as the underlying data may show different results. If your organization cannot use a report with a Preview label, head to the All Devices report which has all of the categories and information.


What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

First off, as you start seeing the new reports, let us know what you think of them by commenting on the blog announcement linked to in additional information! You don't need to prepare for this change, but may consider notifying your helpdesk. On November 14th , (Soon!) we will be posting and updating an Intune Customer Success blog post (That's this post!) with detailed report information including preview report release information so you can track the release of your favorite reports.


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