Are you sure you didn’t miss anything that happened ThisWeekInIoT?

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Here is how things go: you decide on Monday that this week you will stay on top of the game and keep track of everything that's happening at and around Microsoft in IoT. But then you get heads down into your projects and day to day work and you end up Friday wondering if you missed an important or interesting news. Sounds familiar?

Here is the solution: your weekly digest on the IoT Blog to catch up over the weekend reading, watching, listening or playing with Microsoft IoT tech.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment if you think I missed something worthy of being shared to the IoT community.


News, updates and good reads:

Microsoft And Engie Announce Renewable Initiatives

Democratizing Smart City solutions with Azure IoT Central

Clustering point data in Azure Maps

IoT: Understanding the shift from cloud to edge computing

NVIDIA DeepStream SDK for IoT and Real-Time Streaming Analytics Debuts on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Companies Jumping to Bring IoT Smart Devices to Traditional Industries

Tata Communications, Microsoft tie up for developments in connected cars

How Unilever has become more data driven thanks to Microsoft

Ignite session: End to end security for IoT (with a really cool demo of an IoT device attack)

Ignite interview: Considering your next career move? IoT is booming and very likely needs you and your talent!

Valorem's IoT Experience Now Available at Microsoft Technology Centers




Azure Sphere Project Inspiration

Azure IoT Workshop | Real-Time Asset Tracking

Quickstart: Send telemetry from a device to an IoT hub and monitor it with the Azure CLI

Control your IKEA Trådfri smart lights with Azure IoT Edge

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