OneDrive Customer Spotlight Series: Nestlé

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Driving customer success and satisfaction has always been one of the core priorities of the Microsoft OneDrive team. We have the privilege of working continuously with exemplary customers who leverage the latest and greatest Microsoft 365 technologies to drive digital transformation.

This monthly blog post will recognize our customers who have embarked on their journey to a modern workplace with OneDrive and Microsoft 365. We take pride in sharing the business successes and IT accomplishments of our customers and hope these inspiring stories and best practices across enterprise and SMB will help you in your endeavors as well.

This month we take the opportunity to acknowledge Nestlé.clipboard_image_0.jpeg

Nestlé makes so much of what we consume, from coffee to pet food. Headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, Nestlé is the largest food and drink producer in the world. In 2015, the company embarked on a journey to reduce infrastructure and strengthen digital and secure collaboration by deploying OneDrive.

When Nestlé wanted to embark on the path to a cloud migration, a globally distributed team came together to first tackle migration. “We felt that Microsoft could better provide the secure infrastructure that we needed and probably at a lower cost,” says Paul Saunders, Program Manager based at Nestlé headquarters in Switzerland. “We wanted a single, easy-to-use file sharing solution that integrated with the everyday tools people have on their desktops. OneDrive was the answer.”


A Herculean migration task lay before the enormous conglomerate. The numbers were staggering—308,000 users, 1,500 office locations, including 500 factories in more than 70 countries. But Nestlé found that once it started to roll out Microsoft OneDrive, the process perpetuated itself, reduced costs, and made users’ lives easier.




Jeff Holland, Senior Product Group Manager for Workforce Devices at Nestlé, concurs. “I access the files I need, on the device that works best for me at the time, no matter where I am,” he says. “It doesn’t matter whether I’m using a Windows device or a Mac, a tablet device, or my mobile phone. I have peace of mind knowing that all my files are backed up to the cloud, and that they’re available offline—when flying, for example. Since I often work on presentations with colleagues inside and outside the organization, I like being able to request input and collaborate with OneDrive.”


Kieran Ponnusamy, Field Service Analyst based in Rhodes, Australia appreciates features like PC folder backup and finds that helping reluctant users take small steps and demonstrating benefits overcomes resistance. “When someone gets a new laptop and can instantly access their files on OneDrive, they get excited”, he explains.

In Romania, Ionut Postelnicu, IT Operations Manager was impressed by the productivity boost that the EMEA sales team achieved. “They work remotely much of the time,” he says. “OneDrive has had a huge impact for salespeople.


clipboard_image_2.pngCheck out the case study at


Apart from enjoying productivity-enhancing features like Files On-Demand, Marcos Pezzutti, Project Manager for the Latin America based out of Brazil also appreciates the other security features available in OneDrive. “When our users share their OneDrive files, only the people designated by the sender can open the link. Even if that email is forwarded, other recipients can’t access the file,” says Pezzutti.

Pezzutti’s counterpart in North America, Eric Pierce, adds, “We’re always up to date with OneDrive. It’s evergreen; the client updates itself in the background, so we always have the latest features and capabilities without spending IT time on upgrades.”


Like businesses everywhere, Nestlé encourages flexible workstyles. “It’s increasingly common for people to work at home, work via a mobile device, join virtual teams, and traverse department lines to share their expertise wherever it’s needed,” says , Irene Frijlink, Adoption and Change Senior Specialist based in Barcelona who relies on OneDrive and the integrated capabilities of Office 365 apps to access, share and collaborate on files, whether she’s commuting from her Barcelona office to visit friends and family elsewhere in the EU, or travelling for business.


Read the full Nestlé case study to learn more about how Nestle migrated to OneDrive with minimal user disruption to save infrastructure related costs, drive agile productivity for users and IT along with improving compliance for the organization and simplifying IT overhead.


We continue to evolve OneDrive as a place to access, share, and collaborate all your files in Microsoft 365, keeping them protected and readily accessible on all your devices, anywhere.

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