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HLS Show Me How.png Microsoft Forms, in Microsoft 365, provide a versatile platform for surveying users as well as delivering knowledge checks via quizzes. With integration in to Azure AD, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 services Forms facilitates easy creation and reporting on results captured. A new update though just delivered a fantastic new feature that facilitates contextual learning and knowledge checking. That feature allows for the insertion of Microsoft Stream videos in Forms.

Forms has always supported the insertion of images or YouTube videos adjacent to poll/quiz questions. That is fine for use in education and other areas where publicly available content is fine. In regulated industries though like Healthcare and Life Sciences it is often more appropriate to leverage internal only facing material. That is where Microsoft Stream with its internal only content comes in to play. Finally, all this can then be surfaced within Microsoft Teams to bring the integrated experience top where people are getting their work done.

In this Show Me How video I will walk through the why and how to insert Microsoft Stream Video(s) content into a Microsoft Form and then surface it within Microsoft Teams. Lastly, I will even address the use of Lice Events video within Forms.


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