Evaluate Data Flow Expressions Inline with Strings in ADF

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ADF Data Flows allow you to interpret expressions inline strings to easily enable calculations, parameters, and field values as part of your strings. Now, with string interpolation, you can produce super-easy string evaluations using expressions like these samples.


Use double-quotes and put any column, parameter, or expression inside curly braces as part of your string:


"My favorite movie is {iif(instr(title,', The')>0,"The {split(title,', The')[1]}",title)}"
Parameter replacement inside of database query strings:
"select * from {$tablename} where orderyear > {$year}"

Inline expressions include full intellisense autocomplete capabilities inside of the curly braces:


"Total cost with sales tax is {round(totalcost * 1.08,2)}"



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