Deprecating Average Position in Bing Ads API

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Performance reporting is a key element to continuously optimizing your campaigns, since you first need to understand where your ads are appearing to know how to take action accordingly. Back in July, we announced the release of prominence metrics to provide this clearer insight for you. Now, we’re announcing an additional update to ensure your performance reporting is more reliable: the removal of average position.


Due to all your feedback and our view of the ever-changing industry standards in digital advertising, prominence metrics have been determined to give a much clearer view of your prominence on the page than average position does. In an effort to limit confusion and allow you to focus on just the key metrics that matter to you most, average position will be deprecated from performance reports beginning in April. 


For now, average position is available with the following report types.


From the deprecation date onwards, performance reports will return average position of "0" (zero). Historical average position data for time periods prior to the deprecation date will still be available according to the published data retention period per report type. 

Likewise, if you leverage Ad Insight data, the AuctionInsightKpi and TrafficEstimate objects will return "0" for average position.


As a reminder, the new prominence metrics that can give you a clearer insight into your performance are:


  • Top impression share
  • Top impression share lost to rank
  • Top impression share lost to budget
  • Absolute top impression share
  • Absolute top impression share lost to rank
  • Absolute top impression share lost to budget


We hope these can help you diagnose your fluctuations in ad performance or signal if it’s time to take action, and overall help you maximize your returns with Microsoft Advertising.


For any questions or feedback regarding the deprecation, we encourage you to reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account manager or contact Support. You can also ping us on Twitter, suggest a feature on the Microsoft Advertising Feature Suggestion Forum.


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