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This June 7th -28th IQVIA and Microsoft have partnered on sponsoring the COVID-19 Healthcare App Challenge Hackathon. The hackathon is virtual and open to participants worldwide. It provides a great opportunity assist with the medical community but also compete prizes as well.

From the registration site page:

Economic and social circumstances, access to testing and treatment, and underlying health conditions are just a few of the hurdles many underserved communities face. What if you could build an app that made a difference? Changed lives? Developers can play a key role in fighting COVID-19.

IQVIA's HealthCare Locator Software Developer Kit (SDK) provides pre-integration with one of the world's most extensive and accurate healthcare provider databases — with access to 21.5 million healthcare providers, 2.5 million healthcare organizations, updated daily (trial version provides limited data set). The SDK provides pre-built search & map display screens, and can be integrated in as little as two hours.

Our challenge to you: build an app using the HealthCare Locator SDK that facilitates better access to care for all, particularly those in underserved communities who were impacted by COVID-19. Some thought starters: vaccine locators, enabling telehealth communities, accessing remote mental health specialists, reviewing top-ranked health care providers for better care...the list goes on and on. We look forward to seeing your ideas.

To learn more about the event, and/or to sign up, visit COVID-19 Healthcare App Challenge: Hack to help underserved communities - Devpost

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