Announcing Microsoft Tunnel Gateway GA and Defender for Endpoint with Tunnel client functionality

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We’re pleased to announce the Microsoft Tunnel Gateway is now generally available!


Also, as announced at Ignite, we’ve been working on combining the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Tunnel apps into a single unified Microsoft Defender for Endpoint client. We’re excited to announce that this new version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is available today for Android for all our customers and is no longer in preview.


Beyond what was mentioned in our Ignite announcement, there are some things you should know:

  • If you’re using app configuration policy to configure settings for the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint app for Android Enterprise and are also using Tunnel today, in order to avoid conflict issues on personally-owned devices with work profiles, you’ll need to:
    1. Include the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint settings as custom settings in the Microsoft Tunnel VPN profile.
    2. Remove the app configuration policy.

Conflicting policies prevent the app from connecting to Microsoft Tunnel. These steps and settings are documented here.

  • In order to deploy the new version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint in Microsoft Intune, you’ll need to sync your apps in the managed Google Play store.
  • If you’re previewing the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint app today, you’ll have the option to stay on the preview track and get the latest builds, or to move to the production track. To move to the production track, you’ll need to:
    1. Find your assignments for the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint app in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
    2. For each assignment, click the list under Tracks and clear all checks in the list.
    3. Click OK, then Review + save, then Save.


While today we’re announcing that Microsoft Tunnel Gateway is generally available and are also releasing Microsoft Tunnel functionality in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Android, the Microsoft Tunnel client for iOS will remain in public preview for the time being.


The existing Microsoft Tunnel standalone client app for Android will be removed from the store after August 16, 2021, so if you’re previewing Tunnel today, be sure to move your users to the new Microsoft Defender for Endpoint client ahead of this date.


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