Microsoft 365 Developer Community Call recording – 8th of July, 2021

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Call Summary

Summer and Fall community call schedule updates reviewed. Preview the new Microsoft 365 Extensibility look book gallery.  Looking to get started with Microsoft Teams development?  Don’t miss out on our Teams samples gallery (updated sample browser in June), and the new Microsoft 365 tenant – script samples gallery - scripts for PowerShell and CLIs.  Sign up and attend one of a growing list of events hosted by Sharing is Caring this month.  Announced PnP Recognition Program.  Heads down on PnP project bug fixes, new idea prototyping, and vacationing this month.  This is a great time to give the project teams feedback as members are working on new integrations and previews now.  


Open-source project status:  (Bold indicates new this call)


Project Current Version Release/Status
PnP .NET Libraries - PnP Framework v1.5.0 GA Version 1.6.0 – Summer 2021
PnP .NET Libraries - PnP Core SDK v1.2.0 GA Version 1.3.0 – Summer 2021
PnP PowerShell v1.6.0  GA  
Yo teams - generator-teams v3.2.0 GA v3.3.0 Preview soon
Yo teams - yoteams-build-core v1.2.0 GA, v1.2.1 Preview  
Yo teams – yoteams-deploy v1.1.0 GA  
Yo teams - msteams-react-base-component v3.1.0  
Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) v2.2.0 GA Added Teams SSO Provider in Preview


One new Teams sample was delivered.  Great work!  The host of this call was Paolo Pialorsi ( | @paolopia   Q&A takes place in chat throughout the call.





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Microsoft Teams Development Samples:  (




Thank you for making time in your Summer time schedule to join us for today's PnP Community call.   You're awesome!   


Demos delivered in this session

  • Image Column Type formatting in Microsoft 365 – upload images to Site Assets and automatically expose them in a list’s Image column, no manual linking necessary!  Format Image column appearance using sub-properties.  Shown is the sub-property - thumbnailRenderer and size selection - drive thumbnail sizes provided by Microsoft Graph.   All formatting code is found in referenced image-lightbox sample.   Hover card and dynamic picture sizing is shown here as well. 

  • Configure Teams Applications with Azure App Configuration and Azure Key Vault – use Action Config in Azure configuration extension to configure Microsoft Teams apps hosted in Azure App Service that leverage Azure App Configuration and Azure Key Vault (credential/secrets storage) and authenticates against Microsoft Graph via SSO.   The example - configure an action-based document review messaging extension that retrieves and controls access to retrieved documents.   Walk through block architecture, code and slides.     


Thank you for your work. Samples are often showcased in Demos.


Topics covered in this call



Additional resources around the covered topics and links from the slides.


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Microsoft 365 PnP team, Microsoft - 8th of July 2021

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