New transactable offers from Whizzl, QBox, and Vigyanlabs in Azure Marketplace

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Microsoft partners like Whizzl, QBox, and Vigyanlabs deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:

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Whizzl Digital Transformation Solutions - SaaS: This offer covers Whizzl solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and for industry-specific use cases. Whizzl Elite, PRO, and PDM are for construction and property development tasks, while Whizzl X-Cell, DCMS, AMS, and FORM enable businesses to reduce paperwork, implement QR code check-in systems, and empower customers to make appointments online.

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QBox: Test, understand, and fix your chatbot with QBox. Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, and also understand your model impact at intent, utterance, and individual word level. QBox reduces the time spent analyzing and retraining so you can deploy and scale better chatbots: ones that provide relevant and highly accurate answers to your customers' questions.

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IPM+ Smart Energy Savings: IPM+ Smart Energy from Vigyanlabs is a one-stop solution to monitor and manage IT energy consumption. Its deep-learning AI engine and activity sensors help you identify your most efficient and least efficient hardware. Meet energy regulations, enable green computing, and achieve a strong return on investment by reducing IT operating costs.

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