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In the new world of a hybrid Workspace the Hybrid Shared Spaces are highly recommended. More and more companies are using the chance of Covid-19 Pandemic to rebuild their offices and think about new concepts of hybrid work. Also Microsoft bringing in June this year some announcements of the roadmap in this blogpost to Microsoft Teams Rooms.

What is a Hybrid Shared Spaces?

The new concepts of Hybrid Shared Spaces (conference rooms, huddle rooms) are changing with some people working alone remotely, some working in small huddle rooms and others attending meetings together in large conference rooms.


The Challenge is to break the boarders between people working at home, in small rooms, at shared community spaces or on travel like sitting in the back of a car. All these spaces have different challenges in connection to audio, video and the bandwidth to some refreshments. Moreover, the IT department has to managed all of the Teams Rooms and devices in the hybrid and shared workplace with security, update and compliance reasons.

The most pain points, frustrations, and the most relevant scenarios users would like to see using Assistance, Voice, and Proactive Intelligence.

News and Scenarios from Microsoft Ignite

A lot´s of new devices in the different areas are created for hybrid shared Spaces. The next slide shows us some examples of devices and device classes.



To solving the challenges Microsoft and the shared Devices vendors invest in the development of new device classes and new devices. Moreover, vendors like Poly has also their own session on Microsoft Ignite this year and present their ideas of solutions for the challenges.


For the beginning have a look at these scenarios in the Microsoft video out of October 2021 is highly recommended. Here you can have the direct link to the video on Youtube. The video shows an extract of typical scenarios and solutions of shared hybrid spaces on the rebuild Microsoft Campus in a one-shot drone flight.

We see free spaces to discuss and have a refreshment like this:



Small boxes for Microsoft Teams Meetings with Shared Devices and classic shared desks to work or test the newest HoloLens feature for Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams Mesh.



And enough free spaces to discuss in a hybrid scenario with people in the room and people sitting around the world in their Offices or at Home.



All of these flexible situations are handle with a combination of classic devices like screens and hybrid Shared Devices with you can use only with your phone or in combination with your Laptop or Surface indeed.

See this session to learn more. The recording will be available in the next days:

Management of Microsoft Teams Devices

The next challenge is the management of Teams devices. On Ignite this year there are some announcements to help the IT department to handle the challenges. Have a look at the device management workflow from an easy setup to the new workplace management and the active monitoring and diagnosis in the Microsoft Teams admin Center.

Device Management.png


The new Workplace Management was presented the first time on this Ignite. We see the overview of devices on location based and insights of inventory management direct as a part of the Microsoft Teams admin center. Have a look at the next Screenshot:

Workspace Management.png


Moreover, in the Microsoft Ignite Session “What new in Teams management and security“ by Ronit Ben Sheffer and John Gruszczy the new Device health monitoring and control is shown. The more granular health control help the IT-Department to help their employees to bring the shared hybrid devices online and the status green to work with.

Device Monitoring and Control.png



Summary and solution

Do we have only one solution or only one device to fulfill all challenges? No, we don´t, but we don´t need it. There are different options and devices to empowering the employees to work in a hybrid shared space. My person favorite are the new devices with Audio and Microphone, which you can connect to each other to be used in smaller Rooms at Home or together in larger Meeting Rooms.
We learn and see on Ignite how easy it is to connect your device with the new hardware and start with the meeting and bring the focus back into the meeting with out making 10% of the time trouble shooting for devices, audio and video connection that everyone can hear and see each other.


Raphael Koellner combining the law and the information technology in particular the cloud computing and Compliance, Security and GDPR. He worked for universities, Microsoft Germany (DX), law companies and Microsoft Partners. As an Executive consultant for BDO Digital GmbH as a part of BDO AG and his own company he worked for huge international companies. Raphael Koellner is Microsoft Regional Director. He is an 8-time MVP for Office Apps & Services, Insider MVP from the first hour, Teams ELITE 100 Program member, MCT and Microsoft Student Partner. As a Microsoft MVP, Raphael is a frequent speaker at international events and conferences. He is the lead of the Office 365 Usergroup Germany, the Azure Meetup Cologne and founded the compliancefam.

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