2021-11-10 — What’s new?

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Bonsai Connectors

  • Version 0.1.6 of the Microsoft Project Bonsai Simulink Toolbox released. The enhanced integration with MATLAB/Simulink supports simulators created with MATLAB version 2021B, pure-MATLAB simulations, and Simulink simulations that use structured data and arrays.
  • New Bonsai Simulink Toolbox samples. The Bonsai Simulink Toolbox includes two new samples that demonstrate new functionality available in version 0.1.6. Access both samples directly from the Bonsai Simulink Toolbox under the samples folder:
    • cartpole_structs demonstrates how to use a Simulink bus to feed structured data and arrays into Bonsai (browse source on GitHub).
    • pure-matlab demonstrates how to create simulation directly with MATLAB code (browse source on GitHub).

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