New custom Windows 11 desktop wallpaper helps you celebrate the upcoming holidays

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The holidays are a whirlwind of activity, joy, color and connection—all that energy can be the spark for endless inspiration. Windows 11, designed to bring you closer to what you love, empower your productivity and inspire your creativity, has the tools for creators of all kinds to put their personal stamp on the season. The devices we use daily to connect, work, shop, create and relax are a perfect place to begin. [caption id="attachment_176540" align="alignright" width="200"]Man wearing baseball cap Kervin Brisseaux[/caption] Taking inspiration from a variety of sources is a way of life for artist Kervin Brisseaux. Brisseaux, a Haitian American creative director who lives in New York City, combines influences from his background in architecture with cues from fashion, music and other facets of pop culture into his vibrant illustration style. “[What inspires] me changes as frequently as the weather, but lately I've been inspired by vibrant hues, patterns and designs that play with shapes in both minimal and dense compositions,” says Brisseaux. “Thematically, I've always been inspired by pop culture and what's currently playing through my headphones.” Brisseaux recently brought his perspective to a partnership with Microsoft, designing a custom Windows 11 desktop wallpaper in celebration of the upcoming holidays. The abstract artwork, which you can see below and download here, merges the updated design of Windows 11 with the magical, vibrant nature of the holidays. The light and bright elements of the visual story Brisseaux imagined for his background track with the new color palette and softer, more approachable graphics of Windows 11. Soft floral elements and ribbons play on the operating system’s modern and engaging rounded geometry, while invoking holiday gift-giving traditions. “The composition also creates a surreal landscape, offering a sense of adventure and potential new beginnings on the horizon,” says Brisseaux. Desktop wallpaper art on a laptop computer Windows 11 aims to help users make the most of inspiration and opportunities in the moment with experiences optimized for how they work, learn, play and express themselves. It prioritizes how individuals engage with their devices, featuring apps that work together seamlessly. Users feel instantly at home on an operating system that is coherent and calm, and feels familiar. Start the holidays with these principles in mind—and a uniquely festive background to match. Download Brisseaux’s background today to add dimension to your device and all the ways you can use it to create and connect this season.

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