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This year is special. After 2 years of remote conferences, our team finally can physically meet with the security professionals attending RSA. Over the last 2 years, the security industry has gone through immense change and navigated rough waters. With this challenge, we have all learned and adapted, faster than ever before. 3 months ago, Microsoft Defender for Cloud announced native support for GCP, making Microsoft the only cloud provider with native multicloud protection for the industry’s top three platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) (announced at Ignite last November), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 


Our multicloud journey continues to grow, and today, we are happy to announce the general availability of following multicloud experiences:

  • GCP Organization onboarding allowing you to seamlessly onboard your GCP resources to Microsoft Defender for Cloud, at the Organization level, rather than onboarding each project separately.
  • Just in Time Access for AWS, allowing to protect AWS EC2 VMs from malicious network access through management ports by dynamically opening access to the VMs only when access is needed.
  • 3 new GCP regulatory standards NIST, ISO, and PCI which extend our existing standards for GCP workloads,
  • A new exemption experience, allowing you to exempt a resource or a recommendation from impacting your secure score is now generally available for both GCP and AWS.
  • Protect SQL Servers running on AWS EC2, RDS Custom for SQL Server and GCP compute engine with Defender for SQL, providing a comprehensive ‘single pane of glass’ solution to protect your entire database estate anywhere: on-premises, hybrid and now in multicloud environments. Defender for SQL pricing is now uniform across all Azure and Azure-connected SQL databases (in Azure or Azure Arc-enabled resources). See our pricing page for more details.


Multicloud is an ongoing journey, and we are weaving it into our product as we bring new capabilities to market: today, we're introducing a brand-new, built-in governance experience in public preview, that works across Azure, AWS and GCP assessments. A successful governance strategy requires a combination of people, processes and tools. Without the right tools in place, central security teams often experience challenges when driving the personnel within their organizations to implement security recommendations. The process can be painful, people do get frustrated and the organizations' security posture can suffer as a result.


As a first step in our governance journey, you can now set owners and assign expected remediation timeframes to resolve security recommendations from Defender for Cloud. This helps security teams set accountability for recommendations, track their progress, and drive resource owners to action with notification capabilities. Also, workload owners can focus on the specific recommendations that require their attention. They'll also be able to delegate recommendations to others or set expectations for when the recommendations will be implemented. With the new governance capabilities, security teams can now oversee their security posture status and orchestrate all required remediation tasks, from Microsoft Defender for Cloud.





And, finally, Microsoft Entra Permissions Management will be a standalone offering generally available worldwide this July and will be presented as part of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud main dashboard, expanding Microsoft Defender for Cloud's protection into Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM).




In closing, I’d like to invite you to continue to monitor your multicloud security posture, come up with a governance strategy and stay ahead of attacks using Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Benefit from our free trial and visit our technical documentation to learn more.  

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