Most used SharePoint Framework solutions from the Store – May 2022

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We are excited to see the continuous growth on the submissions of the SharePoint Framework solutions to the app source and on the usage of the SharePoint store. Given the significant number of new solutions, we want to acknowledge the top 10 most widely used solutions on monthly bases and to provide quick update on the following roadmap items. 


Here are the latest roadmap items around SharePoint Framework and store:


  • SharePoint Framework v1.15 release in spring 2022 with updates for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva and SharePoint 
  • Streamlined acquire process from the AppSource for Viva Connections and SharePoint Online solutions - Rolled out globally
  • Viva Connections product type in AppSource for easier acquire of the Viva apps to your environment - no ETA
  • Support for SharePoint Framework solutions in the Microsoft Teams store - no ETA
  • Modernized SharePoint app catalog for improved administrative operations - Rolled out globally
  • Support SharePoint Framework extensibility for list and library new, edit and view panels - in 1.15 release
  • and more...


We are looking forward to more great solutions that enable innovation, and help our customers get more done with Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.


These are the most widely used solutions and their providers last month:

My Links - Dalikoo


My Links is a SharePoint app where you can add and manage your web links through an intuitive interface. The links can point to locations across your Microsoft 365 environment as well as any web site on the Internet. 


After installing My Links in a SharePoint page and adding your links, you can also install the My Links web part in another location and your original links will be available to you at the new location. My Links can be installed in multiple SharePoint locations, always providing you quick access to your original links list. Furthermore, you can update your links using the same intuitive interface from any location where the app is installed. 



Ichicraft Widgets: Your Digital Workplace


Ichicraft Widgets allows users to personalize their digital workplace in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams. It offers the user a canvas that can be filled with configurable widgets (blocks) that clearly display up-to-date and personalized information. This increases the productivity and involvement of employees in the organization.



Navigator 365 - Sharepointalist, Inc.


SharePoint & Teams content aggregation with search, grouping and filtering. Navigator 365 for Teams & SharePoint displays aggregated content with rich search, grouping, filtering, and layout capabilities. This versatile app works as a SharePoint web part, Microsoft Teams tab and Microsoft Teams personal app.



Cerkl Broadcast for SharePoint


Ensure your internal communications are seen with SharePoint push alerts and newsfeed. Cerkl Broadcast for SharePoint provides unique notifications to employees through your existing SharePoint. Cerkl Broadcast for SharePoint simplifies your labyrinth of essential content into an easily navigable widget. Cross-channel performance metrics and customizable dashboards are included.



Employee Directory Plus - Support | HR365



SharePoint Employee Directory Plus is free, fully featured 30 days trial for one office 365 tenant upto 999 users. Employee Directory Plus displays information of employees in the organization in visually manner and allows you to find any user in fraction of seconds with various filters to select, departments, skills, Job title, manager, location, etc. It helps in retrieving important information on the fly. Now it comes multiple options to exclude users, enhanced performance and new fields i.e. date of joining, date of birth, etc. 



HM Munich GmbH - Table of Contents 


Dieses WebPart hilft Ihnen qualitativ hochwertige Dokumentationen zu erstellen. Die Modern Pages sind ideal für Ihre Dokumentation von Inhalten (als eine Art Wikipedia) im Office 365. Ohne ein Inhaltsverzeichnis ist der Überblick schnell verloren.





Supercharge your processes and navigation by using any image to deliver interactive visual content. Create hotspot navigation with image maps. Create eye catching and interactive images with clickable regions to supercharge navigation with the Image Maps Web Part. Offer a more intuitive interface and add life to your site.




Modern FAQ 


The Modern FAQ app provides users a better way to search for the answers to the questions they have in mind. It also helps the organizations to prepare the frequently asked questions, and answers categorized and presented to the users in a readable and most understandable format. 


With a clean, user-friendly interface, users or employees can find the relevant information at the right time. The grouping of questions and answers will help the users to find the answers more effectively. 



Announcements Carousel - Compass365


The Announcements Carousel by Compass365 allows you to display announcements in an automatic sliding carousel on your SharePoint team site. 


Set announcements to expire automatically and individually on a set date/time. 






Search just who you’re looking for, in just a few clicks on our HR 365 Directory, it’s a SharePoint-powered visual people’s directory that adds value where it matters most: your company culture. Access searchable employee profiles and eliminate paper-based forms and learn more about coworkers on the go. 


The H365 Directory is aimed towards improving communication, remote collaboration and productivity. It helps you search, apply filters, and drill down to see org charts, team structures, and relevant employee information. Get fast, easy access to company information to employee on the go and say hello to fully digital and virtual HR directory. 




Please see following resources around getting started on building extensibility for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva and SharePoint using SharePoint Framework. 


Happy coding! 🧡


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