Minimizing Shift Change Overhead with Clinician Soundbites

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Minimize handoff/huddle times between shifts with Soundbite in Microsoft Teams.

“Traditional written communications isolate and inconvenience many employees resulting in a disconnect.

With Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams, you can show empathy and create a sense of purpose by sharing personalized short-form content with frontline workers” and clinicians. - Soundbite™ for Your Frontline Workforce

Watch the video below to see how “Dr. G.” demonstrates the use of clinician soundbites to minimize overhead and churn for already overworked clinicians.

To learn more about the use of Microsoft Teams and Soundbite leverage the resource links below. You can also reach Soundbite directly at and/or contact you Microsoft account team.


Work on the Clinician Soundbites was done by Jasmine Hoegh, Erin Spencer, and Michael Gannotti

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