Understanding Reprovision & Point-in-Time restore in Windows 365

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I am a Modern Experience engineer a part of Microsoft M365 FastTrack center helping customers move to the cloud and adopt modern management techniques and tools that Microsoft offers. Most recently I have spent my time helping customers deploy and configure Windows 365 Enterprise In today’s topic we will discuss the benefits and potential impact of from either reprovisioning or leveraging Point-in-Time restore feature with Windows 365 Cloud PC. In addition, I will cover some possible use cases for both.


References leveraged:

Understanding Reprovisioning and Point-in-Time restore


Points to consider:

  • Reprovisioning a Cloud PC can be compared to doing a full PC wipe. This action can only be done by the admin within the MEM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager) portal





Keeping the above points in mind can help admins understand what type of control both admin and/or end-user might have with these actions. The following table summarize a comparison between both of these actions:




Use cases for Reprovisioning and Point-in-Time restore


The following table will cover a few common uses cases for both actions:




*Read more about Update management of Windows in Windows 365 in my other blog found at aka.ms/RickCastillo


Additional considerations

Both actions have great benefits and can be incredibly useful. I would also add that it will be important to take into consideration internal processes, policies, and organization expectations as you decide which to leverage.


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