Building Accessible Applications with Microsoft’s Power Platform

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Did you know? It is estimated that 1 in 5 people in the UK have a permanent disability. This number is twice as high when you include situational and temporary impairments. What does this mean in numbers? If you deployed an application to a user group of 1000, around 200 of them will have a permanent disability and another 200 who consider themselves to have a temporary or situational impairment. That is around 400 users who will rely on various features in your application to make their experience better.


At Microsoft, we're passionate about empowering every person regardless of their condition. Accessibilitech Hackathon is one way Microsoft is committing to empowering people with disabilities to create, consume, and share content in their preferred way. But as a developer, how can you make your applications more accessible especially when building with Microsoft's Power Platform? It's easier than you think!


In this session on Microsoft Reactor, join Kristine Kolodziejski (Principal Technical Consultant based in the UK) and Japhlet Nwamu (Cloud Advocate at Microsoft) as they would walk you through a few tricks that would

  • Allow your users to switch themes dynamically,
  • Allow your users change font size in your apps dynamically,
  • Make your apps multilingual in less than ONE MINUTE
  • Enable you integrate text-to-speech in your apps and build your own screen reader,
  • Guide you through the do's and don'ts of design,
  • Help you leverage built-in Windows tools to create more accessible design,
  • Save user preferences for next time they launch the app! 🤩

To make it even better, all of these can be achieved WITHOUT premium connectors! Interesting right?


Below are the details of the session:
Event Link:
Date: Tuesday 21st June 2022
Time: 5:00PM GMT +1


At the end of the session, you can watch the recording on demand through the link below.



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