MS Build – Unpacking the Tech at the Reactor: Data Platform, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud apps

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About the Series:
Microsoft Build: Unpack the Tech at the Reactors
Everyone loves unboxing or unpacking that new phone or laptop or tech gadget. Like we’re unwrapping something new, unexpected and meaningful…a gift to get excited about. Recently at Microsoft Build, we announced so many new products and opportunities! But if you’re a developer or an entrepreneur or industry leader, perhaps it can be difficult to decide what really matters to you.  Let’s unpack the tech of Microsoft Build and find out!


About the session:

The goal of this session is to provide you with an overview of the new tools and features announced during MS Build around the area of data and machine learning and to show you some of them in action and how they could make a real difference in your day-to-day work.

In particular you’ll be guided through an end-to-end demo to discover:

  • how to train and register a regression model with Python sdkv2 using an Azure ML pipeline;
  • how to debug your model and identify bias by building a Responsible AI dashboard on top of it;
  • how to deploy your model using managed endpoint and how to perform some AB testing on it.



You can find the code used for this demo in this github repo. You can also learn more about MS Build announcements of this year reading the Book of News.


Speaker Bio’s

Carlotta Castelluccio – Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
Carlotta Castelluccio is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, focused on Data Analytics and Data Science. As a member of the Developer Relationships Academic team, she works on skilling and engaging educational communities to create and grow with Azure Cloud, by contributing to technical learning content and supporting students and educators in their learning journey with Microsoft technologies. Before joining the Cloud Advocacy team, she have been working as an Azure and AI consultant in Microsoft Industry Solutions team, mainly involved in customer-face engagements focused on Conversational AI solutions. 

Connect with Carlotta


Steph Locke – Senior Cloud Solution Architech Manager, Microsoft

Steph heads up a team of digital and app innovation architects in Microsoft, helping some of the UK's biggest organisations use the cloud to deliver more value faster. She has a broad technology background in data, AI, and software and has experience running consultancies and startups. Steph loves open source, and the impact accessible tech can have on empowering people, so she dedicates her spare time to helping others improve their use of tech. She was a Microsoft Most Valued Professional for five years in a row, she sits on the board of the SQL Saturday Foundation, and she is a co-chair for the EU SME Digital Alliance AI Focus Group.

Connect with Steph

Twitter: @theStephLocke


Anna-Marie Wykes, Microsoft MVP and Senior Consultant at Advancing Analytics
Microsoft MVP. Data Consultant & Public Speaker. Software | Data Engineer, most recently working within the Microsoft Data Platform, including ADF, Databricks, ADLS and SQL Server. Other skills include Scala, Kafka, C# & .Net (Core and Standard), Javascript (React, Node), SQL and Python. I have experience using a variety of cloud providers, including Azure, AWS and GCP

Connect with Anna
Twitter: @annawykes 


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