Access Issues Fixed in the May 2022 Monthly Release

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As part of our continual promise to bring value and support to our Access customers, we are beginning a new blog series. These posts will highlight some of the work our Access engineering team does every month, you might not be aware of, fixing issues important to our customers and released in the previous month.


This month’s 13 issues reported by customers or found internally were all included in the May monthly release which also included the Access Connector for Dataverse. Office releases monthly and a semi-annual basis.


If you see an issue here that impacts you, and you are on the current monthly channel, you should have got these fixed. Make sure you are on build # 16.0.15330.20000 or greater to ensure you have these fixes.


Issue Name

Type of Issue Fixed

Update "web experience" string in Client Settings

This fix removes the "web experience" setting in Access Client Settings since Access Services has been deprecated and this setting is no longer relevant

The fishbowl color in Access is incorrect with the new Office Fluent work

Updated Access colors to conform to updated Microsoft 365 standards

Navigation pane background doesn't match the background color of other panes

Updated navigation pane background to match other Office panes

Access Connectivity Engine (ACE) which replaced the JET DB engine in Access 2007, Out of Memory Error when looping through record set in VBA in Excel or Word

Fixed an issue that could cause the app to close unexpectedly if memory requirements grow too rapidly for applications using DAO or OLEDB interfaces to read Access databases.

ODBC issue where column name of 64 characters

Fixed a problem where the Access Linked Table Manager was unable to open a SQL linked table if the table contains a column with a name of more than 63 characters.

Unintended line breaks happen if the data have Unicode Ideographic Variation Sequence (IVS) characters

Fixed an issue where unintended line breaks could occur for languages with Unicode Ideographic Variation Sequence characters.

When closing the Edit Link dialog using the Linked Table Manager (LTM), the Linked Table Manager also closes

Pressing escape in "edit link" dialog or other secondary dialogs no longer also closes the linked table manager

FormatCondition.Enabled is neither True nor False

Fixed Evaluation of FormatCondition. Enabled flag to return correct data.

Dataverse Connector - improve wording to indicate the export error table will identify all specific tables and columns when there are unsupported fields

Improved descriptive text for the Access Dataverse export dialog to better explain the creation of an Access error table when the table for export contains unsupported fields.

Access crashes when applying multiple filters to a value list lookup

Fixed crash in Access that occurred when applying multiple filters to a value list lookup

Access 2016 cannot process large .csv files on linked table with error "Your computer is out of disk space"

Fixed an issue where Access 2016 threw an error "Your computer is out of disk space," when the app could not process large .csv files on linked tables.

Access Charts are not showing currency fields with a localized currency symbol

We fixed an issue so that modern charts will now show localized currency symbols when currency values are formatted.

Close button in document tab is disabled for Macro Builder

We fixed an issue where the close button was being disabled in the Macro Builder tab.


Next month we will highlight a new list of issues fixed that are included in the June monthly release.


Let us know if this new blog series is helpful and any feedback you have.


-The Access Team



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