Announcing the new certification for cybersecurity architects

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We’re happy to announce that the new Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert certification is now generally available. To earn this certification, you must pass Exam SC-100: Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect, along with one of the prerequisite exams.


What does the cybersecurity architect role entail?

Cybersecurity architects are essential for helping organizations design and evolve their cybersecurity strategy. This role is central to helping protect a company’s mission and business processes across every aspect of its enterprise architecture.


The cybersecurity architect role also:

  • Designs a Zero Trust strategy and architecture, including security strategies for data, applications, access management, identity, and infrastructure.
  • Evaluates Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) technical strategies and security operations strategies. 
  • Collaborates continuously with leaders and practitioners in IT security, privacy, and related roles to implement an organization-wide cybersecurity strategy that meets business needs.


How do I earn this certification?

As the first expert-level certification in our Security, Compliance, and Identity portfolio, this certification will focus on designing elements of a cybersecurity architecture and evaluating the tradeoffs between different solutions.


To be successful on this certification, you should already have advanced experience and knowledge in a wide range of security engineering areas including identity and access, platform protection, security operations, securing data and securing applications. You are also an excellent candidate for this certification if you have experience with hybrid and cloud implementations.


To earn this certification, you must pass Exam SC-100: Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect along with one of the following prerequisite exams:


How do I prepare for this exam?

Take advantage of self-paced or instructor-led training:


Celebrate with the world: Post badges on LinkedIn

Once you earn this certification, be sure to post your badge on LinkedIn, and celebrate your accomplishments with your team and network. It often takes less than a minute to update your LinkedIn profile and share how you are delivering superior service across your organization.


It’s easy to renew a Microsoft Certification

If you have a Microsoft Certification that expires this month—or any time within the next six months—you’re eligible to take a renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn for free today. Get more details in our blog post Ready to renew your Microsoft Certification? Get started with our top FAQs. 

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