Deploying Applications with Azure Static Web Apps

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Azure Static Web Apps (SWA) celebrated it 1 year anniversary in May 2022. SWA it now one of the best and easiest way for student to build and deploy web sites and with Azure Students for FREE.  We have a dedicated learning series 30 days of Status Web Apps which has been launched to mimic a developer's journey.

  • Week 1 | Core Concepts. Get an overview of Azure Static Web Apps, learn what differentiates it from other web app architectures, and walk through the key features that make it a valuable service for managing your hosting and automated deployment needs.
  • Week 2 | Usage Examples. Azure Static Web Apps works well out-of-the-box with many popular front-end frameworks and static site generators. We look at a sample of these in the context of some fun and functional use cases. And look for a relaunch of the SWA Gallery to feature community projects.
  • Week 3 | Developer Tools. Think of the developer experience from authoring apps to local development, debugging, testing, and deployment. Let's explore some of the tools and resources available to the modern web developer working with Azure Static Web Apps.
  • Week 4 | Best Practices. By now you should know the fundamentals of Azure Static Web Apps, seen examples of SWA in action, and learned about tools to improve the developer experience. We wrap by looking at case studies, advanced concepts, tips & tricks to skill up.

Azure Static Web Apps is a service that automatically builds and deploys full-stack web apps to Azure directly from your code repository.

SWA offers several features that support the needs of modern web app developers.
Here's a visual guide to the top ten features you need to know including web hostingglobally distributed content servers, integrated Serverless API, custom domains, free SSL certifications, authentication provider integrations, role-based authorization (with support for custom roles), preview and production environments (for staging), first-class GitHub/AzureDevOps integration for CI/CD etc.


So, let's get started on our 4 week journey into static Web apps #30DaysOfSWA

Week 1: Core Concepts​

Focusing on what Azure Static Web Apps is, how to build, deploy, preview, customize APIs etc. This is where a Static Web App newbie earns the title of a "Successful SWA voyager"! To visit Week 1, or to start afresh - click here. :rocket:

Week 2: Usage Examples​



This week we will highlight a plethora of examples, from diverse front-end frameworks to popular static site generators and languages! 

Get started with Web Frameworks for it right away!!! :woman_technologist:

Week 3: Developer Tools​


This week we focus on tools and platforms available in the Azure ecosystem, which can empower your Static Web Apps to achieve more! Be it VSCode, Playwright, or Egde DevTools, enhanced dX (Developer Experience) for Azure DevOps and SWA CLI

Go ahead and familiarize yourself with these dev-tools. 🧰

Week 4: Best Practices​



This week is dedicated to the Best practices to ensure a seamless end-to-end dX (Developer Experience) while using Static Web Apps. Explore enhanced services such as BYOFunctions, Cognitive search, Azure Vision, Communication Services, etc. and learn from a real-life case study on how Static Web Apps helped deliver an effective and scalable solution for KlipTok, allowing the developer to seamlessly integrate additional Azure services to meet challenges and deliver a richer user experience(uX).

Explore the various integrations and best practices articles here

Azure Static Web App CLI

Try out the
 SWA CLI, deploy your amazing Static Web Apps, and tell us about your experience!:rose:

Watch this video to learn more about how this CLI streamlines your workflow from init to deploy.

And if you happened to miss the live stream, worry not! You can watch (and re-watch) the on-demand recordings of the event to catch up on key talks including:

Hope this is a long but fun journey! Do tell us about your SWA learning experience using #30DaysOfSWA

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