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Put the Knowledge to Use

"Show me what you can do by wat you've done". This was the exact question one of my mentors asked me few years ago. I was so confident of my passion in data analysis, I had read and learnt a lot about the field but had no way to demonstrate my knowledge.


Let me summarize a 10-minute conversation with my mentor few years ago that led to a huge change in my career. It took me weeks to secure a 10-minute attention of my mentor to listen to my progress and all I have been able to do in the past few months. I approached my mentor with full confidence, spoke for 8 minutes on how much I knew about the evolving field of data analysis and science and that I believe I can start working in this field, his response was - "Show me what You can do by what You have done".


That was the end of the long awaited and the most anticipated 10-minutes conversation. I couldn't proceed as I have no response to his request. How can I show my mentor what I can do by what I have done? I obviously need to come to him with a project demo or portfolio link to access my work.



Is This Still Relevant Today?

I guess you are also wondering if this same scenario is applicable to you. Yes, after 30Days of Learning, what do you want to share with the community? - Microsoft Badges and lots of excitement for finishing the learning adventure? This can't be what you are thinking right now (lol), if YES, then, this same story is applicable to you.


To maximize the advantage of this learning adventure, you need to translate the knowledge to skill. This is exactly what this project is all about.



About the Project

We have 2 different datasets. You are to work on at least one of them.


Project 1: Airlines Delay Storytelling

The original dataset was purposed for predicting whether a given flight will be delayed, given the information of the scheduled departure. However, your task will be to understudy this data and tell a story about the entire flight experience.


It would be interesting if you can cover the following in your story:

  1. What has been the history of flight experiences in the past?
  2. How bad was delayed flights?
  3. Any identified pattern with delayed flights?
  4. Any possible recommendation?


Note: These are just few questions. you are expected to be very creative, feel free to do what you like with the data.

Data: Data can be accessed from this link Locate project folder and download the csv file.


Possible Improvement

On projects like this, the most detailed and insightful work always have inclusion of some external dataset to further provide clarity e.g., overlaying the data with weather data for the given period can help map possible correlation between delayed flights and given months or weather condition.  



Project 2: Airplane Crashes and Fatalities Since 1908

This Dataset was created on Kaggle in September 2016 but the original version was hosted by Open Data by Socrata at: (no longer available).  The dataset contains data of airplane accidents involving civil, commercial and military transport worldwide from 1908-09-17 to 2009-06-08.



Tell a visual story from this Data and let us notice what we wouldn't have without your work.


Note: You are expected to be very creative, feel free to do what you like with the data.

Data: Data can be accessed from this link Locate project folder and download the csv file.



Minimum Expected Work

I need you to put on your A-Game, be inspired! put in all the work and go all out with your creativity to deliver the best possible data analysis project you've ever worked on.


Check these sample data storytelling projects from one of our facilitators - Paul Nnakwe


Sample Storytellng Dashboard.png



Document Your Project on GitHub

You are not done with this project if it is not well documented on GitHub.




Dataset Credit:



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