Lesson Learned #218:Hands-On-Labs:Hand-on-Labs – High LOG_RATE_GOVERNOR wait time

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We used to have cases where our customers reported a performance issue that is causing delay in their business. Working on this issue we saw that the LOG_RATE_GOVERNOR was the most wait time. In this video below we going to provide us some insights about it,.


Why this issue happened?



  • Azure Portal
  • Select * from sys.dm_db_resource_stats
select top 5 * from sys.dm_db_resource_stats


  • Select * from sys.dm_exec_requests in combinations with other DMVs.
SELECT req.session_id , req.start_time , cpu_time 'cpu_time_ms' , status , wait_time , last_wait_type , total_elapsed_time , transaction_id , wait_resource , task_address , object_name(st.objectid,st.dbid) 'ObjectName' , substring (REPLACE (REPLACE (SUBSTRING (ST.text , (req.statement_start_offset/2) + 1 , ( (CASE statement_end_offset WHEN -1 THEN DATALENGTH(ST.text) ELSE req.statement_end_offset END - req.statement_start_offset)/2) + 1) , CHAR(10), ' '), CHAR(13), ' '), 1, 512) AS statement_text,* FROM sys.dm_exec_requests AS req CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(req.sql_handle) as ST where session_id <> @@SPID


Best Practices


  • Use Business Critical, Premium or Hyperscale if possible.
  • Use smaller batches.
  • Review if all indexes are needed
  • Avoid huge amount like text.
  • Implement a more robust retry logic execution.
  • Move Historical data to another DB.




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