Manage Windows Updates From the Cloud Using Endpoint Manager

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Are you a device administrator responsible for updating Windows on dozens, hundreds, or thousands of PCs? Have you used WSUS, Configuration Manager or Intune? In this show, we'll explain all of the options, along with managing Windows Updates from the cloud using Microsoft Endpoint Manager and how it compares to your options in Configuration Manager and WSUS.

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Jason Githens from the Windows Management team at Microsoft joins Jeremy Chapman for a full tour of Microsoft Endpoint Manager's Windows Update ring, feature update, and quality update policies. These policies add a layer of control on top of Windows Update for Business Group Policy settings and are part of the foundation for Windows Autopatch. We'll take a look at your options and how to use each of them, along with best practice recommendations. 



New options offer a surprising amount of control. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 12.10.44 PM.pngThere are a ton of new options to manage Windows updates from the cloud with a surprising amount of control through Endpoint Manager. See how you can make your life easier with each rollout.



Simplicity by design. 

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Name your feature update policy profile after the Windows Update you want to target. Set a deferral policy for feature updates to align with the dates you want. Schedule around times that are least disruptive. Roll out updates gradually to extend the change management period. See how you can gain better control over Windows updates delivered through Endpoint Manager.



A smarter way to manage updates. 

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Control how Windows policy updates relate to each other. Manage device settings for remote work environments. Speed up deployment of security fixes. Set grace period for cumulative quality update installs. See how you can create smarter controls for Windows policy updates.



Watch our video here.




00:00 Introduction of Windows Update management through Endpoint Manager

00:50 New options to manage Windows updates from the cloud

01:28 Configuration Manager vs. cloud-based update management

02:50 How to set up Configuration Manager using Cloud Attach

5:05 An overview of Windows Update rings

8:03 Create Windows feature and quality updates


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