Azure Migrate now supports large-scale migration of ASP.NET web apps to Azure App Service

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Azure is excited to announce the public preview of another key capability in Azure Migrate: unified, at-scale, agentless migration for ASP.NET web apps to Azure App Service. This scenario is in keeping with our vision of Azure Migrate to simplify and accelerate migration and modernization with best-in-class features for all workloads (virtual machines, databases, and apps) to Azure, and our continued investment in helping simplify migration for customers.  


Our journey to an end-to-end flow for app modernization 

In August 2021, we announced support for at-scale discovery and assessment of ASP.NET web apps for migration to Azure App Service. Our customers do not want to stop at assessment and gave us feedback that they are looking for end-to-end flow to modernize their apps to Azure App Service. We are excited to address that demand with the newest addition to Azure Migrate, where customers can now migrate multiple .NET web apps at-scale running on Windows OS in a VMware environment. 


With this announcement, it will be easier for customers to perform Discovery, Assessment, and Migration when moving entire data centers involving multiple servers and hundreds of web apps.  

  • Discovery: Scale support for a very large number of web apps per appliance and across more servers and scenarios. 
  • Assessment: Analyze the readiness of your apps for migration to Azure App Service with detailed insights on migration blockers, comprehensive remediation guidance, and SKU recommendations. 

  • Migration: Simultaneously move, edit, and calibrate multiple web apps, even change your pricing tier/SKU during the migration process.  


Azure Migrate .NET key capabilities

Here is a quick preview of what is possible: 


Discovery Assessment Migration

Scale support for a very large number of web apps per appliance 

Azure App Service readiness with the ability to specify target location, isolation requirement, reserved instance etc. 

Integrated migration flow with Azure Migrate 

Support for apps on Windows Server 2008 R2 and above 

Automatic best-fit App Service Plan recommendation 

Ability to choose target subscription, region, and storage account 

Support for apps hosted on IIS 7.5 and above 

Recommended App Service SKU 

Select multiple web apps and simultaneously edit common properties 

Support for multiple web app instances on a Windows Server 

Detailed analysis of migration blockers and issues 

Change of pricing tier/ SKU and App Service plan during migration 

Discovery of Web Server type, Web Server version, URLs, binding ports, application pools, database connection strings, and authentication mechanisms used 

Cost of hosting web apps in App Service 

Ability to migrate 5 App Service plans containing multiple web apps


 The Azure Migrate dashboard provides a holistic view of assessment and migration tools. Here's an example:




Users can now select multiple web applications at once and edit common properties. Here's an example:




Additional options for migration

Large-scale migration of ASP.NET web apps to Azure App Service is just one of several options you can choose from when planning your app migration strategy. Depending on your use case, you may want to check out our other tools 

  • If you wish to migrate one web app at a time, Azure App Service migration tool can be a great starting point for you to test and execute standalone migrations. 
  • If you are already running .NET apps in a virtual machine or any other server hosting your IIS web server on-premises, PowerShell Scripts can offer a more flexible, multi-faceted approach. This can be a route to take when moving an entire IIS web server with many sites or working within a hybrid offline/online scenario where Azure Migrate cannot reach because of a firewall.  

Our roadmap includes plans to keep adding more capabilities to Azure Migrate, such as support for additional web servers and languages, virtualization platforms, containerization scenarios, Azure Kubernetes Service, and other Azure app modernization services.


Get started 

Check out our tutorial to try this feature and watch our full demo video of how to migrate Windows-based ASP.NET Apps to Azure App Service using Azure Migrate. 


If you have any questions or feedback, add a comment or reach me on Twitter @mayunkj  

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