Lesson Learned #236: What? …. How much time you said? (CloudShell version)

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We usually have service requests when our customers, using different drivers, need to know the connection latency, execution time spent or validate the connection, in this article you could find an example code to perform this operation. 


We received feedback to test using directly in CloudShell without deploying or having Virtual Machine on Azure. In this URL you could find the version for CloudShell.


Unfortunately, this CloudShellversion only supports SQLCLIENT and ODBC but the remaining features are the same. 


To execute the PowerShell script CloudShell:


  • Upload the file in your $home folder using the upload/download file in CloudShell
  • Run this PowerShell script
  • This script will create a log file in the same folder with the results of the execution. There is not needed to modify the PowerShell script, basically, you need to execute this as follows:



./SQLConnectivityTestCloudShell.ps1 -DatabaseServer servername.database.windows.net -Database databasename -UserName username -Driver SQLCLIENT -NumberExecutions 20 -Password password



Example how to execute the PowerShell Script




Example how to edit the file if needed.






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