Az Stack HCI: Software Defined Networking (SDN) extensions reach General Availability for WAC

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Software Defined Networking is Azure-inspired Networking in your datacenter and at the edge, learn more below:

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SDN Extensions reach general availability for WAC

The rumors are true - SDN Infrastructure, Network Security Groups (NSGs), Logical networks, Virtual Networks, Load Balancers, and Gateways are finally out of preview! Our team has been hard at work improving both the general health of these features and adding new changes to make your management experience more seamless.


Certificate information at a glance

If you've ever spent hours trying to solve a connection problem, only to later realize that a certificate has expired, you'll be happy to hear that WAC can help you out. SDN Infrastructure's "Network Controller" tab now displays information about cluster, server, and node certificates, complete with UI indications that your certificate will expire soon. You'll be able to view the exact date of expiration, along with additional information about the subject, issuer, and thumbprint without needing to leave Windows Admin Center. No more being taken by surprise!




Health summary improvements

The health summary page has gotten an overhaul behind the scenes, and it should be easier and more reliable than ever to check out the health and status of your nodes and infrastructure. Error tables will be more consistent and reliable, and the SDN Infrastructure summary page will show a more concise and helpful view of your most important SDN tools.





Language support

SDN extensions now support all languages supported by Windows Admin Center. You'll be able to check on your "Adresses IP publiques"  or "Netzwerksicherheitsgruppen" in whatever language is most comfortable for you. To change your language preferences in Windows Admin Center, simply go to Settings and choose your preferences under "Language / Region", then save and reload to see the change.


Network Security Groups rename

Goodbye "Access Control Lists", hello "Network Security Groups"! This extension has finally caught up with Azure and gotten a facelift, refreshing some of the terminology and gaining some stability improvements to boot. You'll still be able to create, edit and delete whatever existing groups you have, and any VMs linked to these groups will work just like they did before.



That said, our work to improve our SDN management plane is never done! Please download WAC Public Preview 2208 to gain the latest SDN extensions and check out our Windows Admin Center Team's 2208 blog. Please grant us some feedback by reaching out to Lastly, if you’d like to learn more about Windows Admin Center's SDN capabilities, here are some resources to read up on.

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