Winter is Coming – Keep your Azure services up to date.

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Some versions of our Azure services will be retired very soon. We want you to be prepared and migrate to newer versions to ensure production up time. Below is the information regarding the 4 services you might be interested in.


  1. App Service (Linux) PHP v.7.4 End of Support (EoS) Announcement
  2. Azure Functions v2.x & v3.x EoS Announcement
  3. App Service .NET Core 3.1 EoS Announcement
  4. App Service (Linux) Python v.3.7 EoS Announcement

App Service (Linux) PHP v.7.4 End of Support (EoS) Announcement

  • Date: 11.28.2022 (Immediate Attention)
  • Message:
    • End of Life for PHP 7.4
    • Extended support for PHP 7.4 will end on November 28, 2022. After this date, your applications will continue to run, however any application hosted in App Service targeting PHP 7.4 will be out of support and at risk of security vulnerabilities that remain unpatched.
    • If you are currently targeting Windows for PHP development, we advise you to plan for migrating development to target Linux. After November 28, 2022, Linux will be the only OS supported by future versions of PHP and continued feature, quality and security updates.
    • PHP 8 (26 November 2023 EoS)

The next version of PHP is expected to be PHP 8.0. Official support for PHP 8 will only be available on Linux, as a result of this App Service will only support PHP 8 on Apps Service Linux instances.

Azure Functions v2.x & v3.x EoS Announcement

  • Date: 12.3.2022 (Immediate Attention)
  • Message
    • After the deadline, function apps can be created and deployed, and existing apps continue to run. However, your apps won't be eligible for new features, security patches, performance optimizations, and support until you upgrade them to version 4.x.
    • End of support for these runtime versions is due to the ending of support for .NET Core 3.1, which is required by these older runtime versions. This requirement affects all Azure Functions runtime languages.
  • Doc - Azure Functions runtime versions overview | Microsoft Learn


App Service .NET Core 3.1 EoS Announcement



Original Release Date

Latest Patch Version

Patch Release Date

Support Level

End of Support

.NET 6

November 8, 2021


October 11, 2022


November 12, 2024

.NET Core 3.1

December 3, 2019


October 11, 2022


December 3, 2022


 App Service (Linux) Python v.3.7 EoS Announcement

  • Date: 7.27.2023
  • Message:
    • Once a version of Python has reached its end of support no new critical or security fixes will be available. On June 27th, 2023, Python 3.7 will no longer be offered as an option in the create process for App Service. Existing apps targeting Python 3.7 will not be affected. We recommend migrating your application to Python 3.8. See our guidance below to target a new version
  • Doc: app-service-linux-docs/ at master · Azure/app-service-linux-docs (


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