MTC Weekly Roundup – November 21

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Happy Monday, MTC. I hope you all had a good weekend!


Before we get into the recap for last week, a quick note that due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, there will not be a MTC Roundup on Friday, November 25, and we’ll pick back up the following Friday, December 2.


Now let’s get into it!


MTC Moments of the Week


This week’s MTC Member of the Week spotlight is on @Charles_Kenyon. Still pretty new to the MTC, Charles has already contributed to a lot of discussions in the Microsoft Word forum and has received two best answers from the community this month. Keep up the awesome work, Charles


Over on the events side last week, we had a Nov. 15 AMA focused on Microsoft Syntex, an exciting new content AI solution that was announced during Ignite this year. We had a full house of experts on hand to answer questions during the event, including @Chris McNulty@Bill Baer@Ian Story@James Eccles, and @jolenetamIn case you missed the news, you can learn more about Syntex by visiting the new Syntex Hub in the MTC and checking out the blog for more resources, including the Ignite breakout session (available on-demand!).


Then, on Wednesday, we had a Windows in the Cloud AMA, which is part of our monthly series where MTC’ers can dive into the latest Windows 365 capabilities with Microsoft engineers. This episode featured insights and demos from @Pavithra Thiruvengadam, @Sam_Tulimat, @Christian_Montoya, and @Christine_Gerth. Make sure you mark your calendars and tune into the next episode on December 14th or go ahead and subscribe to add the whole series to your calendar!


And how do you know if your AD environment has been impacted by the November 8th 2022 patch? Check out this article posted by @PaulHarrisonon theCore Infrastructure and Security Blog.


Unanswered Questions - Can you help them out?


Every week, users come to the MTC seeking guidance or technical support for their Microsoft solutions, and we want to help highlight a few of these each week in the hopes of getting these questions answered by our amazing community!


In the SharePoint forum, @Chris_Clark1968 is looking for guidance on the best way to manage recurring calendar to prevent exceeding the list view threshold.


Meanwhile, in the Excel forum, @b59g626 is seeking a fix for an issue they just recently encountered when trying to select non-adjacent cell ranges.



Next Week in Events – Mark Your Calendars!


We’re on a break for the U.S. holiday! Check back in next week for an update on upcoming community events!




For this week’s fun fact, in honor of the holiday… Did you know that there is a Butterball ‘Turkey Talk’ hotline that you can call or text for help with cooking your turkey? Founded in 1981, the Turkey Talk Line went from receiving a modest 11,000 questions its first year to answering more than 100,000 questions across the U.S. and Canada in 2021. The Turkey Talk Line is even available on Thanksgiving Day, though hopefully, you won’t need it!


thankgiving snoopy.png


And with that, I hope you all have a wonderful week and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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