An automated approach to migrate WordPress sites running on Windows App Service to Linux

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As PHP support on Windows App Service was ended by Nov 2022, to provide a seamless approach for the customers those who are running their WordPress sites on Windows, we are happy to share a WordPress Migration Tool to migrate your WordPress sites running on Windows App Services to WordPress deployed to Linux App Services, preferably created from Azure Market Place


Automated migrations allow you to easily migrate your WordPress site to Linux App Service platform. All you need to do is provide your Source site details (subscription, resource group & App Name) & Destination site details (subscription, resource group & app name) and let the tool do all the heavy lifting.  


Download the from this link to your local machine and extract the zip file.  Then follow the steps described here on how to use this tool: wordpress-linux-appservice/ at main · Azure/wordpress-linux-appservice (


In case you need any support, you can open a support request at New support request - Microsoft Azure.

If you have any ideas about how we can make WordPress on Azure App Service better, please post your ideas at Post idea · Community (

or you could email us at to start a conversation.

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