General availability of Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Synapse Analytics

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Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime is now generally available in Azure Synapse Analytics. You can use Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime (IR) and Execute SSIS package activity in Azure Synapse Analytics.


An Azure-SSIS IR in Azure Synapse Analytics supports

  • Running packages deployed into SSIS catalog (SSISDB) hosted by Azure SQL Database server/Managed Instance (Project Deployment Model)
  • Running packages deployed into Azure Files (Package Deployment Model)


Create an Azure-SSIS integration runtime

  1. In the Synapse workspace portal, switch to the Manage tab and then switch to the Integration runtimes to view existing integration. Select New to create a new Azure-SSIS IR and open the Integration runtime setup pane



  1. In the Integration runtime setup pane, select the Lift-and-shift existing SSIS packages to execute in Azure tile, and then select Continue.



  1. For the remaining steps to set up an Azure-SSIS IR, see the Provision an Azure SSIS integration runtime process.


Execute SSIS Package activity in Synapse pipelines

You can deploy your packages into Azure Files (Package Deployment Model).

If you use SSISDB (Project Deployment Model), you can deploy your packages into SSISDB hosted in Azure SQL Managed Instance or Azure SQL Database with the Deployment Wizard. In the Select Deployment Target stepchoosing SSIS in Azure Synapse Analytics. Then enter the destination server name (Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Managed Instance) where the project will be located in the Integration Services Catalog. 



In both cases, you can also run your deployed packages on Azure-SSIS IR by using the Execute SSIS Package activity in Synapse pipelines. For more information, see Invoke SSIS package execution as a first-class activity.



Limitations and known issues 

Below features are not available in Azure Synapse Analytics:

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