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Microsoft Learn offers a huge library of written content, including technical documentation and learning paths. But what if you need something a little more visual and demonstrative while learning new skills? Enter Microsoft Learn’s vast collection of video content. 


Whether you’re searching for a walk-through of Microsoft Azure or wanting to know the newest trends within the tech world, Microsoft Learn offers a wide variety of unique video content. Produced as both stand-alone how-tos and episodic shows on Microsoft Learn, videos will help you attain new skills and knowledge while keeping up with the latest Microsoft technology.  


Although Microsoft Learn offers content that fits learners at every stage of their journey, these seven videos in particular can help new users take the first step towards achieving their learning goals. 


1. Getting Started with Microsoft Learn 


Getting Started with Microsoft Learn 2.png

New to Microsoft Learn and need some help navigating its content? Then this video is a must-watch. Take this virtual walk-through of Microsoft Learn with Ashley Johnson, Senior Technical Product Manager at Microsoft, to explore valuable features that can help you make the most of your experience.

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2. Exam Readiness Zone


Exam Readiness Zone.png

If you need to prepare for a Microsoft Certification exam and you don’t know where to begin, check out this show that offers study tips, content overviews, and sample questions and answers for each featured exam.

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3. FastTrack for Azure Learn Live Series


FastTrack Azure.png

Interact with Microsoft Azure engineers in real-time via livestreams. Geared towards helping you migrate or initiate new workloads in Azure, this series will give you added confidence when preparing for highly technical implementations.

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4. The Low Code Revolution


The Low Code Revolution.png

Learn how to develop and optimize applications and processes with Microsoft Power Platform direct from industry experts. Focused on low code solutions, this series is a great resource for developers of all backgrounds.

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5. The Download with Christina Warren


The Download with Christina Warren.png

Catch up on the latest trends and news snippets within the developer community in this engaging and informative series. Watch highlights of interesting projects and discover tips and tricks for developers of all backgrounds and skillsets.

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6. Microsoft Graph Fundamentals


Microsoft Graph.png

This multi-part series introduces Microsoft Graph basics. Best of all, it features interactive exercises that showcase how to use Microsoft Graph for connecting Microsoft 365 data with app development platforms.

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7. The AI Show


Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 7.49.06 AM.png

Learn about what's new in artificial intelligence in this Friday evening series. Watch as host, Seth Juarez, works on machine learning and AI projects while offering tips for getting started on your own. 

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Whether you’re looking for a live demonstration of complex skills or a last-minute knowledge check before a certification exam, videos on Microsoft Learn are here to help. Check out what’s available today! 


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