MPI Vodcasts | Ep 24 How Microsoft Partners can help transform the world energy crisis

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Did you know the world’s energy demand will double by 2050? We can’t solve the world’s energy crisis on our own, but working with partners like @SightMachine and @Accenture we are taking measurable steps toward energy cost optimization with the manufacturing industry . Discover how in this #PartnerViewpoint episode of the MPI Vodcast.




Series Description

Living in a post-pandemic world presents untapped opportunities for partners and customers alike, and continues to drive innovation, digital transformation and growth to embrace today’s new normal.

Welcome to the Microsoft Partner Innovation Vodcast, a Microsoft commercial partner business series that brings together Microsoft leaders and channel executives from around the globe to highlight partner stories of how they’re delivering impactful solutions and outcomes for customers and their communities alongside Microsoft.

Hosted by Jennifer Zarate, a senior communications manager at Microsoft and former CRN and CRNtv reporter, this casual series celebrates the evolving state of the channel, partner opportunities and business growth.

Join us as we discuss what’s happening at Microsoft and across our partner community through can’t-miss interviews with executives, and reporting on tech trends that matter to you most.

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