Microsoft 365 Lighthouse helps you secure and improve the health of your customer tenants

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Microsoft 365 Lighthouse makes it easier than ever for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deliver services to small- and medium-sized customers at scale, with multi-tenant management capabilities that help secure users, devices, apps, and data across customer tenants. 

With a comprehensive security baseline that ensures your customer tenants are healthy and secure, an intuitive deployment process, and rich deployment insights, Lighthouse helps MSPs spend more time proactively securing their customer tenants and less time reactively resolving security threats or breaches

We’ve worked closely with MSPs across the globe to understand how they go about their work, what gets in their way, and what matters to them most, so that we can build a deployment experience that’ll make it faster and easier than ever before to protect their customers and grow their business.  

Standardized configurations that keep your tenant healthy and secure 

The Microsoft 365 Lighthouse Security baseline provides standard tenant configurations that deploy core security policies and compliance standards that keep your tenants' users, devices, apps, and data secure.  

Whether you’re just starting to ramp up your managed service business with Microsoft’s security solutions or you’re a seasoned professional, our baseline will help you ensure that your tenants are – and stay – healthy, secure, and productive.

Streamlining the tenant onboarding process 

We know that onboarding a new customer can be complicated and time consuming, requiring a forensic diagnostic of the tenant’s configuration so that you can plan your implementation.  

Lighthouse saves you the trouble by checking newly onboarded tenants to see how they’re configured and comparing detected configurations to your deployment plan, so you’ll know whether and to what degree each task is already done for each tenant before you even begin, helping you configure tenants faster than ever before – lowering your cost to serve and accelerating your journey to managing a Zero-Trust environment across all of your customers’ tenants. 

Screenshot of the Microsoft 365 Lighthouse Deployment plan tabScreenshot of the Microsoft 365 Lighthouse Deployment plan tab

Securing your customer tenants  
It’s not just about helping you do the right work – it’s also helping you do the work right!

Lighthouse guides you through the deployment of each task by helping you tailor the configuration from the baseline to meet each tenant’s unique needs.  

For example, you may want to exclude certain users or groups from the configuration or choose to deploy a conditional access policy in Report Only mode before enabling it. 

You can complete tasks by deploying a new configuration to the tenant right from Lighthouse or by helping you edit the existing configurations to meet the task’s requirements. 

To do this, Lighthouse will detect any intersecting configurations that are already deployed to the tenant and compare them to the deployment plan, showing which settings for which users within which configurations are compliant, not compliant, missing, or extra. 

Animation showing how to review detected configurations in Microsoft 365 LighthouseAnimation showing how to review detected configurations in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse


These configurations can be opened from Lighthouse, taking you directly to the appropriate management portal for that tenant to edit or delete them as needed. Once the existing configurations have been edited or deleted, you can refresh the detected configurations in Lighthouse to update the comparison results in real-time! Once there are no more settings that are not compliant or missing, the task is compliant.  

If there are no existing configurations or you prefer not to edit the existing configurations, Lighthouse will prompt you to deploy a new configuration to make the task compliant.  

Completing deployment tasks in Microsoft 365 LighthouseCompleting deployment tasks in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

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