Skilling snack: Best practices for shared and frontline Windows devices

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Does your organization share computing resources among employees or clients? There are many reasons to do this, with productivity and ease of management perhaps being some of yours. On the one hand, there are shared multi-user and guest Windows devices. On the other hand, there is Windows 365 Frontline, which is currently in public preview. It is designed for employees who work on a rotation schedule or part-time workers who don't require 24/7 dedicated Cloud PCs. Variety is the spice of life, they say!

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 53 minutes


Manage multi-user and guest Windows devices

Start here to learn about Shared PC mode. It's a way to optimize multi-user experience for enterprises, retail, and schools and reduce admin toil. Configure Account management based on activity and disk space, enable a Guest option or a Kiosk mode, or apply advanced customizations.

(3 mins)

Shared PC + Guest + Kiosk + LGPO + RTC + WU + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + Windows 11 SE


read icon.pngREAD

Set up a shared or guest Windows device

Configure Shared PC with Intune, a provisioning package, or using a PowerShell script. Find guidance on account deletion, caching, and marking accounts as exempt from deletion. Troubleshoot Shared PC by checking the log or the registry keys.

(5 mins)

Shared PC + Intune + PPKG + PowerShell + CSP + WCD + WMI


read icon.pngREAD

Configure kiosks and digital signs on Windows 10/11 desktop editions

Kiosks and digital signs are special locked-down types of multi-user devices. Read about the differences between single-app and multi-app kiosks, as well as configuration methods for different Windows editions and account types.

(6 mins)

Apps + UWP + Assigned Access + Local + AD + AAD + Sign-In + Pro + Enterprise + Edu + Defender + AppLocker


read icon.pngREAD

What is Windows 365 Frontline?

Get a set of Cloud PCs under the same license to support your employees from different shifts or time zones. Learn how you can monitor license use and easily manage Windows 365 Frontline with Intune. This solution is currently in public preview.

(3 mins)

Cloud PC + Windows 365 + VM + Reporting + Rings + Remote Desktop


watch icon.pngWATCH

Empower frontline workers with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Learn how Microsoft Intune simplifies management by providing centralized visibility to all managed devices and apps, protects the mission-critical devices they rely on, and empowers them to do their best work by maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. Follow the demos to set up and manage your frontline workers' devices!

(17 mins)

Intune + Android + Shared Device Mode + AOSP + APP + DA + WP + COPE + COSU + Provisioning + Kiosk + AAD + MSAL + Conditional Access + Deployment



Quickly deploy your frontline workforce at scale with Microsoft 365 and Teams

See an example from retail on using Microsoft Teams to streamline their frontline workforce. Peek behind the scenes and walk through steps to get faster time to value with simple deployment and management tools that let you do more with less.

(19 mins)

M365 + Teams + Provisioning + OOB + Hardware + HR + AAD + PowerShell + Communication + Collaboration + Reporting + Control + Viva Connections

If interested in learning more about the context of frontline workers, check out What today's frontline workers need from their connected devices (time to read: 7 mins). That's where you can find examples from a variety of industries and the unique challenges of their online and in-person experiences for a more personalized IT management.

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