Learn about Holistic Listening with Viva Glint

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Listening holistically to your employees is like seeing the big picture in high definition - it reveals the hidden nuances, the interconnectedness, and the underlying themes that empower organizations to create truly meaningful employee experiences. 


On May 11, 2023, Viva Glint’s @Avneeta_Solanki led the first part of our Learn about Holistic Listening customer event, partnering with Raphael Andrade Nunes Freire and @CaribayGarcia to share their expertise on how to understand the employee experience from a truly holistic perspective. The speakers shared guiding principles for combining survey and system data, offered practical suggestions for getting organizations ready for changes in employee listening approaches, and shared templates for visualizing multiple listening activities across the moments that matter. 


Watch their conversation here to learn how you can build a holistic listening strategy to make better decisions for your organizations.   


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