Azure Event Hubs – Capture event streams using Managed Identity – GA

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Using Event Hubs capture feature, you can load real-time streaming data to data lakes, warehouses, and other storage services, so that they can be processed or analyzed by analytics services.

We're thrilled to announce the General Availability of Managed Identity support for capturing event streams in Azure Event Hubs.


Managed Identities when capturing event streams.

With managed identity, users can seamlessly capture data to a preferred destination by using Azure Active Directory based authentication and authorization. You can use system-assigned or user-assigned managed identities with Event Hubs capturing destinations.

Managed identities provide an automatically managed identity in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for applications to use when connecting to resources that support Azure AD authentication. Applications can use managed identities to obtain Azure AD tokens without having to manage any credentials.



In the context of Event Hubs capture feature, these manage identities are used to authenticate and authorize the event capturing agent with the capture destinations such as Azure Storage or Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen1 or Gen2.

When configuring event capturing for a given event hub/Kafka topic, users can enable capture and select system assigned or user assigned identity as the authentication mode.



Event Hubs Capture feature also supports capturing data to a capture destination in a different subscription with the use of managed identity.


Next steps

In conclusion, the introduction of managed identity support for event stream capturing in Event Hubs marks a significant expansion of our event streaming and storing capabilities. Now you can experience the power of secure stream capture and unleash the full potential of your event-driven architecture with Event Hubs.

To learn more about Event Hubs capture feature, see Capture streaming events - Azure Event Hubs.

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