Connecting to Snowflake from Logic App Standard

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In this blog we will see how we can use JDBC connector in Logic App Standard to connect to snowflake database.


To get started please go through the blog on how to connect to a relational database using JDBC. The blog highlights some of the steps we use to upload libraries, download drivers and other steps in more detail. We will be using some of those steps in current walkthrough of connecting to Snowflake using JDBC built-in connector.


Let's take a look at how to connect to Snowflake in sections below:

1. Create a logic app.

2. Add snowflake JDBC libraries in site/wwwroot/lib/builtinOperationSdks/JAR/* using kudu tool. More information on how to upload the JARs are captured in Connecting to a relational database using JDBC in Azure Logic Apps blog. Snowflake JDBC libraries can be found on maven JAVA repository Maven Repository: net.snowflake » snowflake-jdbc.


3. Now we can go ahead and create a new workflow using JDBC > Execute Query action. This will prompt us to create a connection to Snowflake. Fill all the required parameters as needed, a sample input is shown in image below:


As you can see in image above, a typical snowflake JDBC URL looks like:








You can find more information on additional configuration settings in Configuring the JDBC Driver | Snowflake Documentation.

4. Once you have connections set up, you can run the workflow, and see the results in action. Here, for the demo we ran a simple JDBC > Get Tables action but you are free to use any action you would like.



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