Calling all communicators! The Viva Engage team wants your feedback!

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This year, Viva Engage has introduced new features that empower leaders and communicators to reach and engage employees at scale.

As we look forward to our next wave of innovations, we want your input. We are excited to launch one of our most comprehensive surveys of communicators and communications ever. We want to understand you, your job, your needs, your challenges, and your aspirations for the future of communications.


Please share your thoughts and feedback with us in this survey:


The survey is anonymous—there is no requirement for any “identifiable” information; and we will not be contacting you based on your input.


The survey is comprehensive. We’d love to get as much of your insight as possible. But if at any point you want to stop answering questions, just click “Next” at the bottom of the page until you see the “Submit” button.


We are investigating areas including:

  • The nature and scope of the communications role in your organization
  • Frequency, quantity, types and personas of communications
  • The size and characteristics of audiences you reach
  • One-way versus social (two-way, engaging) communications
  • Applications you and your audiences use to create and consume communications
  • Your perspectives on how to balancing reach (eyeballs) and impact (information overload or noise) of communications
  • Your need for restricted, open and limited communications
  • The analytics you value

Your perspectives will help us build a deeper understanding of the communications role and scenarios, develop empathy for your needs, and prioritize and create solutions to those needs.


We will share the aggregated results and learnings from the survey, here, in a few weeks. Follow me on the Tech Community, Substack and LinkedIn to learn more about how Viva Engage can help you modernize and improve the effectiveness of communications and engagement, today.


Thank you so much for participating!



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