Migration Errors — Microsoft Teams Tenant to Tenant Migration

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Recently I have been part of a customer project where the customer has decided to carved-out some of its business units/domains. Hence, a need to separate the M365 environment including Microsoft Teams, from the parent company’s environment.

We used BitTitan Migration Wiz tool. While working on the migration piece we encountered few errors that I will be covering in this article:

Migration Error 01:

Migration failing while migrating Planner content with error as shown in below figure 01.

Figure 01Figure 01


Resolution: We provisioned the mailbox for the Teams Service Account and resubmitted the migration.


Migration Error 02:

Migration failing with 247 single-byte characters error as exhibited in below figure 02.

Figure 02Figure 02


a) Ensure the Destination Team has the migration admin user as one of the “Owners” of the Team
b) Open the Destination Team and click on the Files tab on the top and then “Open in SharePoint”
c) Add InitializationTimeout=8 in advanced Support options under MigWiz Teams Project. And perform a Reset Item Statistics as stated in MigrationWiz Statistics & Statistics Lookup — BitTitan Help Center

Figure 03Figure 03


d) Resubmit the migration



Migration Error 03:

Most of our Team sites are failing during the “Verify Credential” step.

Cause : Later we identified that while importing the Team site data in MigWiz, we have added via the Team site display name instead its Mail Nickname.

We identified for those sites “Verify Credential” step passed, their display name and mail nick name identical. And for those sites it failed, the display name is different or other than its mail nick name. We then validated the Team site nickname at Source via Get-Team PowerShell cmdlet.

Figure 04Figure 04


Resolution: Validate the Team site MailNickName via Get-Team PowerShell cmdlet. Ensure the Destination Team Mail Nick Name is same as what we have in the Source and both entries must match while uploading the Team site data in the MigWiz tool.


Hope the article helps if you encountered similar issues in your project.


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