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It’s not everyday that community leaders have the chance to pause and come together to share, network and collaborate on what it means to build meaningful communities within the Microsoft ecosystem.

That’s exactly what the vision was for Reconnect: APAC Community Day 2023, led by Microsoft MVP Doher Drizzle Pablo. “Collaboration is at the heart of the Microsoft community”, said Drizzle in her keynote at the event, encompassing the spirit and passion to empower every person on the planet to achieve more.



Image: Reconnect: APAC Community Day 2023

Through the initiative, Drizzle fostered interactive discussions with community leaders from across the APAC region, spanning from the Philippines to Malaysia to Singapore to India and more, giving attendees a chance to connect and build lasting relationships, whilst empowering them to grow as community leaders.

The diverse speakers represented leaders within Microsoft’s community programs including Most Valuable Professionals and Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors. The speakers are part of a wider community doing exceptional work to help others get better access to understanding Microsoft technologies. The speakers showcased their best practices, case studies and words of wisdom for those interested in building their own community and leadership profile.



Image: Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Ryka Gene Austria presenting at Reconnect: APAC Community Day 2023.

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Ryka Gene Austria from the Philippines is currently studying a Bachelor in Science in Information Technology at Bulacan State University.  

Ryka presented at the event by sharing her experiences as a Student Ambassador and influencing her local community. She believes that “community is such a powerful force that has made me excel more and collaborate with more people in tech.” 

When asked about her advice she would give to others on engaging with community, Ryka says, “always take opportunities and make the change you want for the future. Building a tech community may be scary, but it is definitely fulfilling when you know you have found a community that you can connect with.”



Image: MVP Kasun Pathirana presenting at Reconnect: APAC Community Day 2023

Another speaker with insights on building community was Microsoft MVP Kasun Pathirana. Kasun is the organiser for Sri Lankan Dynamics 365 User Group and the Sri Lankan Power Platform User Group and presented on what the group had achieved and their plans for future sessions. He encouraged new speakers to join and present on the latest updates to help the tech community. New members are also welcome to join the Sri Lankan Microsoft BizApps.

Kasun explains how the power of community is important in anyone’s professional development and career. “It is really vital for me to gather knowledge and resources, have discussions with peers to get more insights, and collaborate with and motivate the community around me,” says Kasun.

For those interested in building their own community, Kasun recommends to have a plan on understanding your purpose and the role of this community for others. Kasun explains, “start by welcoming the community, laying out a proper purpose, and planning what you are trying to achieve. Actively engage with your community to improve everyone's experience”.

Students, Eymard Lyndon Rebuto and Rosalie Arnaiz, from the BizApps Pinoy Community also showed their creativity and shared their passion for technology by reciting poems they wrote. They expressed their inspiration for using Microsoft technologies such as the low code, no code tool, Power Platform, through their poem.

Something about Art

By Eymard Lyndon Rebuto and Rosalie Arnaiz

Lots of business activities

We do them to the best of our abilities

But sometimes we face challenging difficulties

So many workspaces and so many incompatibilities

Every day we think of all the possibilities


Here comes Microsoft with its Dynamics and Apps!

Business Applications streamlined and such

Office solutions for every hard worker

Low code solutions for every citizen developer


Now gather your data! Streamline your process!

Turn those information to a successful business

For every situation there is a solution

The possibilities are endless, use your imagination


Respond to your cases, have the best customer service

Or perhaps even achieve the best sales in the office

Analyze your markets and optimize your finances.

Automate your process, evaluate your performances.


Artificial Intelligence you thought it is hard?

With Microsoft Dynamics we turn it to art.

Customize your AI, design your own model.

Multitude of things you can all run in parallel.


Explore power platform, build your own apps.

No need to be a programmer, low code and all that

Business Intelligence, gain valuable insights.

Create visualizations, pleasing to the eyesight.


Build your flows, automate your process.

Build virtual agents, automate your response.

No need to type those emails as simple as that.

Answer all those queries, no need to be a diplomat.


Connect with the Dataverse or SharePoint perhaps.

Everything is integrated even third-party apps.

Azure and the cloud turns everything into digital

Information is available for every individual


That’s Microsoft’s azure-ance, it’s up to us to apply

In Microsoft’s Business Applications, we can easily rely.


Relive the experience of the Reconnect: APAC Community Day 2023. Learn directly from Microsoft community leaders on how they are empowering their members with knowledge and skilling opportunities by watching the replay from the event at Reconnect: APAC Community Days 2023 - YouTube.

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