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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 85 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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AI Tutor - Teaching Assistant: This educational copilot automates the learning process, provides personalized support, and leverages NLP and ML developments. Key features include dialogue-based tutoring systems, progress tracking, and improved learner retention. The solution improves accessibility, flexibility, scalability, consistency, and data collection.
Public Sector Citizen Engagement Platform: The PCEP solution is a call center case management tool built on Microsoft Power Automate and Dynamics 365. It enables call center agents to capture cases using quick-create forms and pre-filtered lookups, allowing different business units to manage case resolution in a centralized platform. Ideal for government departments and global markets.
JVIZ Strategic Roadmap: JVIZ Strategic Roadmap is a tool for program managers, SCRUM masters, team leads, and stakeholders to visualize epics, features, and user stories in a traditional Kanban view. It also displays organizational goals, objectives, and initiatives. Key features include customizable styling, multiple columns, swimlane categories, and a responsive design.
JVIZ Product Roadmap: JVIZ Product Roadmap is a customizable tool for project managers, event schedulers, and SCRUM masters. It offers features such as customizable swimlanes, data tracking, and responsive timelines. The tool allows for easy multi-year portfolio reporting and provides a professional view into your portfolio. 
Intellibonds Credit Assist for Fixed Income Investors & Banks: Credit Assist is an AI-powered platform that helps fixed-income institutional investors manage credit risk and lower operating costs. It offers an early warning system, cost optimization, and integrated workflows for fundamental and relative value analysis, news assessments, and investment recommendations. The platform generates early risk warnings, streamlines investment decisions, and improves outputs through interaction with users.
Intellibonds for Fixed Income Investors & Banks: IntelliBonds is an AI-powered SaaS platform that helps with trade idea generation, predictive credit risk analytics, and portfolio optimization. It offers superior investment returns, proactive risk management, and cost optimization. The platform is built on Microsoft Azure, ensuring computational power, scalability, and network security. Clients can improve investment return while lowering costs.
TaskThing: TaskThing simplifies task management within Microsoft Teams by enforcing a standardized process and enhancing productivity. It offers seamless integration with Microsoft Planner, boosts efficiency, provides clear task instructions, and eliminates common task-related errors. TaskThing is a must-have for Planner users looking to optimize their workflow.
Azure Cost Control and Security Optimization: CloudAtlas Control by UnifyCloud India offers integrated dashboards for daily reporting on cost, security, governance, risk, and compliance across on-premises and cloud subscriptions. It provides a comprehensive view of infrastructure, applications, and databases in the cloud, allowing for optimization of utilization, cost, cybersecurity, and compliance with various controls. Key features include constant monitoring, service use optimization, security alerts, and cloud infrastructure management.
JVIZ Gantt Chart: JVIZ Gantt Chart is a project management toolkit that provides a professional view into your portfolio. It offers features such as customizable styling, multiple reporting views, drill-down capabilities, and data range filtering. It also includes a Today Line toggle to stay on schedule.
Signzy Merchant Onboarding for BFSI: Signzy's Generic Onboarding Platform (GO) is a no-code platform that creates onboarding flows for financial institutions with minimal development and deployment efforts. Its end-to-end merchant onboarding solution supports all types of businesses digitally. The platform includes a mobile app for relationship managers, an AI engine for real-time verification, and automated decision-making. It also performs AML/CFT checks, image blur checks, and text matching.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Smart Automation Center of Excellence: 4-Week Accelerator: BHFE Solutions’ program guides organizations through the automation journey, from process discovery to deployment and maintenance. It includes customized training in the Microsoft Power Platform, development of a low-to-medium-complexity process, and training on administration and governance.
Dynamics 365 Marketing: 6-Week Implementation: Edit is a customer experience marketing agency that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to create better customer journeys. The platform allows for end-to-end experiences across physical and digital channels, with AI-powered personalized content and natural language customer segment definitions. The Start" accelerator package includes platform licensing, configuration, and manual data upload.
DIGITALL Custom App in a Day: 1-Day Workshop: Learn how to modernize and innovate apps, reduce development costs, and eliminate shadow IT with the Microsoft Power Platform. In this workshop, the DIGITALL team will provide an overview of Microsoft Power Apps, allowing you to create your own apps without programming knowledge. Gain practical experience and create mobile-friendly, shareable apps for your organization.
Viva Insights Meetings Report: Cloud Target’s solution uses Microsoft Viva Insights and Microsoft 365 to optimize meeting time and productivity. It captures and analyzes meeting data, creating customized reports and interactive dashboards to visualize engagement levels. Cloud Target professional services support customers in getting started with or extending their use of Viva Insights and Microsoft 365 by providing training, guidance, and best practices on how to use the solution effectively.
Insider Risk Management: 1-Week Implementation: Overcast will help you use Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management to detect, investigate, and mitigate internal risks such as data leakage, intellectual property theft, fraud, or policy violations. Purview Insider Risk Management identifies internal risk indicators, reduces investigation time and cost, facilitates collaboration between teams, protects privacy and compliance, and leverages Microsoft best practices. The Overcast team can help with policy creation, case creation, configuration, and access to reports and alerts.
Microsoft 365 Defender for Endpoint: 2-Week Implementation: Overcast will customize, integrate, and deploy Microsoft 365 Defender for Endpoint as an enterprise security platform to prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats on network devices. Defender for Endpoint offers vulnerability management, attack surface reduction, next-generation protection, endpoint detection and response, and automated investigation and remediation capabilities. The solution benefits from threat intelligence provided by Microsoft's security teams and partners, as well as integration with other Microsoft 365 Defender solutions.
Microsoft Purview Information Protection: 4-Week Implementation: The Overcast team will help integrate Microsoft Purview Information Protection into your environment by configuring default policy creation, confidential information types, data discovery, and cataloging. Purview Information Protection automatically classifies, tags, and protects sensitive data, allowing you to define security and compliance policies, monitor and audit data use, and discover and catalog data sources. The tool provides access control and encryption, a complete view of data inventory, and fosters innovation and collaboration.
Microsoft Defender for Identity: 1 Week Implementation: Overcast specialists will help you set up and configure Microsoft Defender for Identity (formerly Azure Advanced Threat Protection). Defender for Identity is a cloud-based security solution that uses on-premises Active Directory signals to detect advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious insider actions. Get insights on identity configurations and security best practices, reduce organizational attack surface, and understand how attackers can move laterally inside an organization.
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps: 1-Week Implementation: Overcast will integrate Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps into your environment and improve security posture, data protection, threat detection, and threat response. Defender for Cloud Apps protects Office 365 and third-party apps. It offers comprehensive protection against threats, provides visibility and control, and integrates with other Microsoft security solutions.
Window 365 Pilot: 1- to 8-Week Proof of Concept: PC Solutions will design, deploy, and train users on how to use Microsoft Windows 365, a cloud-based PC solution that provides a full, personalized Windows. Windows 365 offers native integration across Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), Microsoft Defender, Microsoft 365 applications, and Microsoft Intune.
Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1- to 6-Day Migration: Symelia specializes in solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and will migrate your ERP from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Available in French, this offer includes customizations, interface creation, and support for training.
Teams Phone: 1-Month Pilot: TechNet UC will define use case scenarios for Teams Phone and configure PSTN connectivity options, enabling up to 50 users with phone numbers. This offer includes setup of an auto attendant and call queue, user adoption, and administrator readiness, along with support based on customer feedback and findings for a complete rollout.
Power Platform: 1-Month Proof of Concept: Let Sopra Steria transform your business processes by using the Microsoft Power Platform. Sopra Steria experts will create a fully functional solution prototype that streamlines your everyday processes, improving efficiency, productivity, and information security. Get a clear understanding of how you can benefit from the Power Platform and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.
Establish Business Analytics Concept and Architecture: 2 -Day Workshop: Columbus Estonia will lead workshops to map your key processes, collected data, and data usage onto a business analytics system built on Microsoft Power BI. The technical architecture will include recommendations for storing data models, database services, and data capture and preparation tools, as well as a reporting portal.
Crayon Expense Management App: Implementation: Crayon will implement its Expense Management solution to streamline expense tracking, approval, and reporting. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Expense Management delivers a user-friendly app that seamlessly integrates into your ecosystem. Get real-time insights, mobile accessibility, and automated notifications to ensure compliance and informed decision-making.
Office Reservations: Ø Studio will implement its booking application, available in French and English for Microsoft Teams. The reservation app allows employees to reserve available offices based on various attributes, confirm their presence with a unique code, and view colleagues' reservations. Departments can manage offices, floors, and buildings, modify floor plans, and reserve offices for external partners. The app provides occupancy rates through Power BI reports and can be customized to match internal branding and meet additional requirements.
Additional Spam and Email Protection: 3-Day Implementation: IT Partner provides modern email protection solutions, including Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection, DKIM and DMARC setup, SPF record configuration, and a country block list. IT Partner will implement these measures, leading to unbroken mail workflows and a decrease in spam and phishing messages.
RENTALIS on Dynamics 365 Business Central: Workshop: Systems LÃBERIT offers professional services for the parameterization and training of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Systems LÃBERIT will help you implement RENTALIS, an ERP designed for companies that rent and maintain industrial equipment. Available in Spanish, this offer includes 16 hours of support and enhancement.
CDA (Board of Directors) as a Service on Microsoft 365: 3 -Week Implementation: Available in Italian, INDACON’s CDA as a Service provides consultation for managing Board of Directors meetings by using Microsoft Teams. The service ensures information security and protection, document management, meeting organization, and secure device management. The service includes development, deployment, design, implementation, training, and support for the first meeting.
Digital Transformation Calls: 1-Day Transformation: IT Partner offers expert guidance, configuration and licensing expertise, and swift problem resolution for Microsoft services including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Dynamics 365. IT Partner will provide professional support for any issues that may arise after migration, ensuring a smoother transition and ongoing efficiency. Customer team training and desktop software settings are not included.
Managed Modern Endpoint Starter Package: 7-Week Implementation: Managed Modern Endpoints (MMEs) offer a standardized device lifecycle and operation, reducing IT workload and providing secure and modern devices. Endpoint monitoring helps identify optimization potential for security, service, and productivity. The novaCapta Starter Package for MME provides a 360-degree view and expertise, ongoing operational support, and a standardized approach to cover all aspects of endpoint management. The package includes three phases: assessment and planning, transformation, and implementation of managed services.
Microsoft Yammer: 1-Week Migration: IT Partner will help your organization maintain its Yammer network during mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring by migrating Yammer data from one tenant and configuring the new destination tenant Yammer network. IT Partner provides expert support and specialized tools to ensure minimal disruption and data loss for successful migration, proper group and member creation, and migrated conversations.
Microsoft Entra ID: 3-Week Implementation: Overcast will integrate Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Entra ID, permissions management, and more solutions to promote the adoption of conditional access tools. Protect all identities and secure access to any resource with a family of multi-cloud identity and network access solutions.
Banking 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance: Banking365 simplifies updates and support for a multi-country, multi-product, and multi-bank banking information exchange platform. It connects company management systems directly to banking platforms, minimizing human errors and automating payment, collection, and reconciliation operations. The cloud-based solution is scalable and compliant with ISO 20.022, minimizing delays and avoiding non-debit in the event of invalid recipient data.
Azure Information Protection: Implementation: JB Services will support your implementation of Microsoft Azure Information Protection, including assessing requirements, adjusting fit and gap, and providing technical support. Azure Information Protection is part of a Microsoft 365-based solution that helps protect documents and emails. This offer includes education about confidential information, encryption for data leaks, and organizing and defining confidential information.
Teams Phone Accelerator: 2-Day Workshop: Teams Phone is a cloud communication service integrated into Microsoft Teams, offering simplified and inclusive communication features. A two-day workshop covers topics such as PSTN connectivity, automated call handling, and adoption, resulting in a roadmap for introducing Teams Phone to the organization. 
Implement a Data Science Solution on Azure: 5-Day Workshop: Opsgility offers this hands-on workshop on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning covering data ingestion, model training and deployment, and machine learning solution monitoring. Exercises and a hackathon are included. The workshop helps prepare for real-world scenarios and the DP-100 certification exam.
Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads: 4-Day Workshop: Opsgility offers a hands-on workshop for attendees to learn how to migrate and operate a SAP solution on Microsoft Azure. The course covers virtual machines, virtual networks, storage accounts, Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), and hybrid identities. Exercises and a hackathon are included. The workshop prepares students for real-world applications and the AZ-120 certification exam.
Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Azure and Power BI: 5-Day Workshop: Opsgility's hands-on workshop covers implementation and management of an advanced data analytics environment, querying and transforming data, and exploring and visualizing data using Microsoft Purview, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI. The workshop includes exercises and a hackathon to prepare for the DP-500 certification exam.
Data Governance with Microsoft Purview: CDW’s team of experts will work with you to develop a customized plan for implementing Microsoft Purview and tailor a proposal to your environment, needs, and budget. Microsoft Purview helps organizations protect sensitive data in their Microsoft 365 tenant by implementing governance standards. Let CDW help you identify and protect your sensitive data appropriately.
Microsoft Intune: 2-Week Implementation: The Overcast team will prepare, enable, and deploy Microsoft Intune, a mobile device management and mobile application management solution that enables organizations to control access and security of their corporate resources. This implementation includes configuration for multiple desktop and mobile OSes, definition of MDM functionalities, configuration of identity solutions such as integration with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), and enrollment of devices.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Data Protection: 6-Week Implementation: With Cyclotron’s implementation of data protection built on Microsoft 365 Copilot and Microsoft Purview, your organization will be prepared to train Microsoft 365 Copilot only on appropriate business data, excluding sensitive information from use. Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI-powered productivity tool that integrates with Microsoft 365 apps to provide real-time user assistance, enhancing creativity, productivity, and skills.

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