Recap: September 2023 Ambassador Projects Demo Day

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Building prototypes for global impact


On September 14, 2023, The Ambassador Projects quarterly Demo Day took place! The event brought together rising developers from all over the world to collaborate and create innovative solutions to real-world problems.


We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the Gold Leads  for their hard work and dedication in putting together such an amazing event and leading this past cohort of the projects program. Without their tireless efforts, this event would not have been possible.


The winning team was Digi Notes led by Ambassador Subhashis Paul. Their project, Digi Notes, is a personalized study planner and helper, was chosen as the winner because of its innovative approach to solving a real-world problem. Digi Notes is an application designed to enhance the learning journey of students. In today's information-rich landscape, academic success hinges not only on access to a wealth of knowledge but also on the ability to retain and truly grasp the material. Digi Notes facilitates this process by seamlessly digitizing students' notes and offering a suite of features, including flashcards and summaries, to create a comprehensive learning experience. 

Furthermore, the application employs spaced repetition to help students recall key information, providing visual reminders when it's time to revisit specific notes. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, text extraction is powered by the Azure Computer Vision API, while images are securely stored in Azure Blob Storage. Additionally, the generation of flashcards and summaries is enabled through the utilization of the Azure OpenAI API.


Digi Notes empowers students to unlock their full academic potential, revolutionizing the way they engage and retain educational content. The judges were impressed with the Ambassadors work and ability to create a solution that was both practical and innovative.




Four additional teams made it to the final round of the Ambassadors Projects Demo Day included Innovate and Conquer, Team Safari, MentalMate and Critters Break. Each team worked tirelessly to create innovative solutions to real-world problems. Although they did not win, their projects were impressive and showed great promise.


Innovate and Conquer (Team Lead – Gauranshi Gupta) is a health disease prediction that alerts users about their health status. Our primary focus is on diabetes, health diseases, and lung cancer. The user is required to add certain parameters and the application identifies if the user is healthy or needs to consult a doctor for treatment.


Team Safari (Team Lead – Muhigiri Ashuza) a technology modernization prototype is a forward-thinking initiative designed to improve the way we virtually experience and engage with wildlife tourism, creating a harmonious balance between environmental conservation and the socio-economic benefits of tourism.


MentalMate (Team Lead – Sahil Ali) is a virtual doctor designed to provide a supportive and confidential space for individuals to discuss their mental and emotional well-being. Imagine having a conversation with a chatbot that genuinely cares about your feelings and offers insights to help you understand yourself better.


CritterBreak (Mireille Tan) is a browser add-on designed to help users take much-needed breaks from screen time and boost productivity by introducing friendly critters into their digital world.  


Congratulations once again to all the Ambassadors who participated in the September Demo Day!

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