Azure Container Apps Eligible for Azure Savings Plan for Compute

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Azure Container Apps is now eligible for Azure savings plan for compute! With Azure Container Apps you can build and deploy fully managed, cloud-native apps and microservices using serverless containers. All Azure Container Apps regions and plans are eligible to receive 15% savings (1 year) and 17% savings (3 years) compared to pay-as-you-go when you commit to an Azure savings plan.


Learn about Azure Savings Plan for Compute

The Azure savings plan for compute unlocks lower prices on select compute services when you commit to spend a fixed hourly amount for 1 or 3 years. You choose whether to pay all upfront or monthly at no extra cost. As you use select compute services across the world, your usage is covered by the plan at reduced prices, helping you get more value from your cloud budget. During the times when your usage is above your hourly commitment, you’ll simply be billed at your regular pay-as-you-go prices. With savings automatically applying across compute usage globally, you’ll continue saving even as your usage needs change over time. 


Here is an example of how Azure savings plan for compute works. If you buy a 1-year savings plan and commit to $5 USD of spend per hour, Azure automatically applies the savings plan to compute usage globally on an hourly basis up to the example $5 hourly commitment. Hourly Consumption plan vCPU usage for Azure Container Apps in West US would be billed at the lower savings plan price of $0.07344 instead of $0.0864 for active usage as follows: 

  • Usage at or below $5 USD for the hour is billed at lower savings plan prices and covered by the savings plan hourly commitment. Note that you would pay the $5 USD amount every hour, even if usage is less.
  • For usage above $5 USD for any given hour, the first $5 USD of usage is billed at lower savings plan prices and covered by the savings plan hourly commitment. The amount above $5 USD is billed at pay-as-you-go prices and will be added to the invoice separately.
  • Azure savings plan for compute is first applied to the product that has the greatest savings plan discount when compared to the equivalent pay-as-you-go rate (see your price list for savings plan pricing). The application prioritization is done to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your savings plan investment. 


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Start saving now and do more with less. Learn more about Azure Container Apps with these resources:


Learn more about Azure savings plan for compute with these resources:


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